Rules of Keto Diet You Should Know Before Starting Ketosis

Rules of Keto Diet You Should Know Before Starting Ketosis

Life is food and food is life, this has always been my catchword which makes me mindful of what goes into my mouth at any given time.


That being said, you probably must have heard about the term Ketosis or any relative terminology at some point.


And with this term having aroused your sense of curiosity, you definitely should be in the know and this article I believe would be exposing you to most rules of keto diets every beginner should know prior to starting the keto diet proper.


Let’s get started…


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Rules of Keto Diet You Should Know Before Starting Ketosis

This means your body could be compelled to go into Ketosis when you are running low on carbohydrates and to avoid such a state, you should add some carbs into your diet.  Moreover, this should be considered if you have got no weight loss objective in mind.


Ketones are substances the liver produces, and this often happens when your body is not in possession or does not produce enough insulin to convert glucose into energy. Instead, it burns fat and makes things called ketones, which it can use for fuel.   courtesy of- WebMD


Ketosis has a lot to do with dieting since it is the food you eat that would determine whether your body eventually goes into ketosis or stays normal.


So when vying for foods to eat, make it a priority to eat foods that are very healthy and have good nutritional values inside.


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Ketosis is highly recommendable for anyone battling with excess weight gain or already aspiring to lose weight.


This is because, when your body is undergoing ketosis, it would be burning up fat instead, since there is an absence of carbs for it to burn. 


And you know so well that the objective of anyone going through the shedding of fat or actual weight loss respectively is to lose as much fat as possible in other to get well back into shape.   If you are such a person trying to lose some sensible amount of fat, then Resurge would help you exceedingly for an effective weight loss experience, and I recommend you try it out.


Since ketosis has such a remark for weight loss, it makes it very advisable to consider prior to any weight loss objective.


Since I have said we would be having in-depth knowledge about ketosis, and without digressing at all, let’s also look into another important side of ketosis which is on:  what is the keto diet


What Is The Keto Diet?

It should interest you to know what diets are keto diets or the categories of diets that should be identified as ketogenic.

So what are ketogenic diets…


Keto diets are diets that are very low on carbs (i.e Diets that are very low in carbohydrate content) they are low in carbs, but high in fat. 


Doing keto dieting involves the drastic reduction of carbohydrates and replacing them with foods that are high in fat.  Like I said earlier on, for you to consider subjecting your body to ketosis, you must be trying to lose weight.


What Are The Dangers of Keto Diets?

You may want to ask if at all there are dangers associated with keto diets. Well, according to research health experts and dieticians have cleared the air on this at some point.


Though keto diets having being certified good for weight loss, that notwithstanding, Keto diets can pose some health risks to the consumer, these inherent risks could be minimal and could barely occur. But in other for clarity, below are the dangers of keto diets.


Now, what are these health risks..? 


  • The keto diets could cause low blood pressure
  • Keto diets could cause kidney stones
  • Keto diets could also cause constipation
  • Keto diets also have the potency of causing nutritional deficiency 
  • And the possible risk of heart disease 
  • Keto diets could also cause fatty liver


I believe you are some worth scared of ketogenic diets by now, but the issue is this whatever you do, don’t overdo it. What am I trying to say… 


If you are taking the ketogenic diets for weight loss, once you were able to achieve a convincing result and must have lost some good amount of weight, you should call a quit and return to your normal dietary schedule. 


Note: when you are on ketogenic diets for the first time, there are instances you could experience keto flu, these are the symptoms you could experience from taking keto diets. Read more on keto flu.


Remember the fundamental rule of keto dieting is the regular consumption of foods that are high in fat and low in carbs.


When taking the keto diet, you should always be hydrated at all times, this means you should always take plenty of water without being reminded.


This is because the body tends to lose so many water molecules when it is subjected to ketosis and taking lots of water is highly recommended, and should strictly be adhered to. 


During this period, you should be very mindful of the quantity of salt you consume or add to your foods, the salt level of the body should be kept in check as this would help to regulate the body temperature at all times whilst avoiding the occurrences of headaches, depressions and anxiety, and excess hunger strikes.


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What Not to Eat on Keto Diet.

Rules of Keto Diet You Should Know Before Starting Keto

If you are searching for keto diets foods to avoid or what not to eat on keto diet, you should as well be considering the following list of foods…


Whole grains

When you are on ketosis there are certain foods you should avoid by every means possible and whole grains happens to fall among these categories of foods, and they are whole grains such as the following…


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Certain Vegetables 

Some certain vegetables also fall within the category of keto diets foods to avoid and these vegetables are as follows…

  • Carrots
  • Peas
  • Sweet potatoes 
  • Baked potatoes
  • Yam, etc.


Certain Fruits

Also, most fruits are not left out from the list of categories of keto diet foods to avoid.  Below are most of the fruits to watch out for.


  • Pineapples 
  • Peach fruit
  • Mango fruit
  • Grapefruit
  • Apples 
  • Raisins
  • Pear 
  • Bananas, etc.


Legumes and Beans

Legumes and bean foods should be avoided as well, they are high in nutrients including proteins, iron, and potassium.

That notwithstanding, they also have traces and strings of carb deposits so is best advised to avoid them when observing ketosis.

  • Green Beans 
  • Baked Beans 
  • Black Beans 
  • Kidney Beans
  • Lima Beans
  • Green Peas


Avoid Beverages 

Beverages are not left out, due to the high sugar content they are not advised to be taken at all.

We know too well the health implications of taking foods with excessive sugar levels, apart from having high sugar content, they also have some amount of hidden carbs inside of them, best regarded as junk foods and not good for the health and also leaves the consumer at the risk of diabetes. 

  • Protein shakes
  • Cola beverages
  • soda drinks
  • Lemonades
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Energy drinks (also high in caffeine)
  • Iced tea
  • Fruit beer, etc.


These foods and beverages should be avoided when you are on a keto diet. By doing so, you would be evading any form of complications that might have resulted from eating such foods.


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List of Keto-Friendly Foods

Apart from knowing the foods to avoid when on a keto diet, we would be wrapping up by knowing the right foods that should be taken when on a keto diet as well.


These types of foods should very well be taken by anyone on keto diets or aspiring to get involved in ketosis or also on a weight loss plan.


99% of people who get into ketosis do it to lose weight. If you are normal in shape and size, I strongly advise you not to involve yourself with keto dieting.


If you want to lose weight through ketosis, I recommend you try out the Keto actives weight loss supplement.  99% ketogenic diet supplement for weight loss, a very effective weight loss remedy for those on keto diets.


Keto Actives is a food supplement supporting weight loss. We specifically recommend it to those on the ketogenic diet. It contains 8 components combined in one foolproof supplement, which helps in the reduction of fatty tissue and stops its storage.

Rules of Keto Diet You Should Know Before Starting KetoTry Keto Actives


The following foods should be taken on a keto diet plan…


1. Take Low-Carb Vegetables

Rules of Keto Diet You Should Know Before Starting Keto
Varieties of low-carb vegetables

Having talked about varieties of vegetables to avoid when on a keto diet, it becomes imperative you also get to know the right ones that are keto-friendly, these kinds of

vegetables are non-starchy and are low in calories, but they contain every other essential nutrient such as Vitamins, especially vitamin C, and countless other minerals.

Vegetables contain antioxidants that help protect the body against harmful radical molecules that can cause cell damage.

So it is important that you add vegetables to your diet, the following are lists of low-carb vegetables…

  • Cucumber
  • Cabbage
  • Broccoli
  • Asparagus
  • Avocadu
  • Kale
  • Lettuce plant
  • Eggplant
  • Spinach 
  • Tomatoes, etc.


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2. Meat and Poultry Foods

Rules of Keto Diet You Should Know Before Starting Keto
Keto-Friendly Meats

Fresh meats and poultry have a zero carb level, rather they are rich in vitamin C and numerous other essential minerals as well.


They are well known for their high protein content, which helps conserve muscle mass when actually on a low-carb diet.


When vying for meats to consume, it is recommended you go for animals that are fed with grass instead of the ones fed with whole grains.

This is because grass-fed meats have a high level of Omega-3 acid, Antioxidants, and also linoleic acids.


3. Nuts and Seeds 

Rules of Keto Diet You Should Know Before Starting Keto
Keto-friendly nuts (Almonds)

Foods that fall under the nut and seeds categories are good for keto dieting.  They are regarded as high fat, low-carb healthy foods.

Nuts and seeds are also rich in fiber which is always a good recommendation for weight loss as it would help you to stay full and have a very low absorption calorie level.


The following are types of nuts to add to your diet…

  • Flaxseeds
  • sesame seeds
  • Pumpkins
  • Cashew nuts
  • Almond seeds
  • Chia seeds 
  • Walnuts
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Pecans, etc.


4. Consider Eating Berries

Rules of Keto Diet You Should Know Before Starting Keto
Keto-Friendly fruits (Berries)

Though many varieties of fruits are rich in carbs, the berry fruits are highly exempted from the list of fruits containing carbs, even if there are traces


of carbs, they would be at the bearest minimum compare to other fruits that are loaded with it. 


Berries are known for their high antioxidant content which helps reduce any form of inflammation in the body.

The following are berry fruits…

  • Blackberries
  • Blueberries
  • Raspberries
  • Strawberries, etc.


5. Eating Olive Oil

Rules of Keto Diet You Should Know Before Starting Keto
Keto-Friendly Foods (Olive Oil)

Olive oil is very beneficial when it comes to heart health, this is due to the fact that olive oil is high in oleic acid, which is a monounsaturated fat that has been discovered to reduce factors that facilitate heart diseases.


Furthermore, olive oil is high in an antioxidant known as phenol, this phenol compound acts defensively to protect the heart against any disease.


It does this by reducing inflammation and improves artery health, thereby preventing artery-clogging.


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6. Eating Sea Foods

Rules of Keto Diet You Should Know Before Starting Keto
Keto-Friendly Foods (Shrimps)

Seafood is very nutritious and is highly recommended for healthy living.


You can consider eating seafood such as shellfish, as they are very keto-friendly and are certified as carb-free. 

Other nutritious kinds of seafood are salmon fish, Octopus, shrimps, oysters, squids, and mussels, etc.


They are highly sorted for, in terms of their nutritional values and benefits, they boast of many vitamins, and minerals and they are very recommendable for ketogenic purposes.


Note: Regular intake of fish is highly advised as they strive to reduce the chances of disease occurrences and also improves cognitive health inclusively.


Fishes are also good sources of Omega-3 fats which help in lowering insulin levels which could not be suitable for diabetic patients.



Wrapping up, I believe you have known a few stuff about ketosis and keto dieting. If you want to do keto diets, they ought to be done strictly for weight loss purposes. 


You might be advised to discontinue if your body reacts negatively in any way to keto dieting, in other to avoid any form of malnutrition.


This also makes it important to involve a nutrition specialist or a dietician if need be. I also recommend you check out The Alive weight loss product, this product would help you in a great way get back in shape by losing excess unwanted fat.



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