Menstrual Cramps Causes And Best Home Remedies To Stop Pains

Menstrual Cramps Causes And Best Home Remedies To Stop Pains

Menstrual cramps, also known as dysmenorrhea is caused by pulsating or cramping abnormalities in the lower abdomen. It is recorded that many women experience these cramps just before and sometimes during their menstrual period.


Menstrual cramps come with severe pains and uneasiness targeting the abdominal cavity, these pains when it occurs in many cases restrict the victim from her normal daily activities.


In this article, we would be throwing more light on the known menstrual cramps causes, how it affects your well being, every possible cure to menstrual cramps and some effective menstrual cramps relief hacks you can do at home to ease up pains.


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Menstrual Cramps Causes And Best Home Remedies To Stop Pains

Menstrual throbbing or cramps are pains experienced in the lower abdomen when one is in the menstrual period or before menstruation begins.


These menstrual pains can continuously occur for days precisely 2 to 3 days.

The pains from menstrual cramps can be very excruciating and aching for a majority of persons.  In most cases, it comes with a dull or sharp feeling that capitalizes on the abdominal cavity.


Menstrual pains have a way of affecting the overall activities of the person experiencing such pain as such a person is restricted to movements at such odd times.


Menstrual cramps can vary in most women, for some women, the pain could be slight and would allow them to do most physical activities with little or no interference.  While for other women, the pain is on a whole new level, and such pain would totally obstruct and hinder every form of activity.


These pains keep on recurring on monthly basis so long as you experience a menstrual circle until a cure or remedy is finally met, bringing the cramping to a halt.


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It is well-known how any form of ill health has countless ways of affecting us, this could be by the restriction of the regular activities we love to engage in, or complete denial of a normal state of mind.


When you are struggling with menstrual cramps, the story is no different,  You become partially or completely cut off from your normal activities especially when the cramps are the critical types.


As menstrual cramps cause abdominal discomfort, they make movement very difficult and restrict every other activity.


Let’s say you are the type who loves to get engaged in regular exercises and trivial activities, and you are experiencing menstrual cramps, you won’t be able to stir up your physical level until the pains you are feeling comes to a cessation.


It is advised to eat very healthy foods during menstrual cramps as unhealthy dieting habits would also contribute adversely.  Unhealthy foods such as junk foods should be totally avoided.


It is believed that the experience of menstrual cramps is mostly worse at night, studies have been trying to evaluate why it tends to be so, with numerous other researches still ongoing.


When you happen to have menstrual cramps at night, it can be very disturbing, and the aching could be so uncontrollable, and this would completely restrict you from having a proper night’s rest. 


If we are to arbitrate by experiences, menstrual cramps only affect one in these two major ways…


  • Psychological
  • Physical


1. Psychological Effect of Menstrual Cramps

Most people that are predisposed to regular menstrual cramps often go true emotional trauma and depression.


The depression that could transpire as a result of menstrual cramping can be redundant, in most cases, people in such a depressed state can result in self-medication, and overdosing from pills.


Cases of misprescription have regularly been documented as a result of painful cramps. It is advised to visit a Gynecologists or expert that would help you with the right prescription and doses and also offer you the required help.


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2. Physical Effect of Menstrual Cramps

The physical effects of menstrual cramps are usually the pains and discomforts one could experience as a result of the cramping.


Like I affirmed earlier, this uneasiness normally centers on the abdomen thereby halting movement and every other activity. Physically, the pains are always present thereby affecting your state of mind and physical conversions.


Seeing a doctor is always recommended, you should avoid self-medication by all means, as experts would be in a better position to recommend what’s suitable for you.


The above mentioned are the ways menstrual cramps could affect an individual’s well-being.


Here Are Menstrual Cramps Causes You Should Know

To ascertain the cause of menstrual cramps, certain conditions such as uterine fibroids or endometriosis can cause menstrual cramps, apart from these two, other risk factors contribute to painful periods, and they include the following:


  • Experiencing menstruation as an under-aged 
  • Family hereditary of a painful period experience
  • Irregular menstruation 
  • Having heavy bleeding during menstruation.


There is a hormone created as a result of a chemical reaction, which is the prostaglandin hormone, this hormone is released when there is a muscle contraction and this takes place right in the uterus lining.


Muscle contractions are known to cause pains and inflammation, and the prostaglandin hormones are said to rise before menstruation is set to begin. The most painful period experience can be as a result of underlying medical conditions.


“Menstrual cramps that aren’t caused by underlying health conditions always lessens with age advancement and could improve further after childbirth medical experts said”.


Another possible cause of menstrual cramps is a pelvic inflammatory disease. This occurs when there is an infection in the reproductive organs.


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Effective Home Remedies For Menstrual Cramps

Diverse approaches can be taken in alleviating constant painful menstruation, this section would be proffering some of the best home remedies for menstrual cramping. For clarity purposes, these remedies have been guaranteed by experts as being effective for faster relief from menstrual pains.


1. Taking A Hot Bath

Menstrual Cramps Causes And Best Home Remedies To Stop Pains

Taking a hot bath during menstrual cramps helps to relieve the pains at least giving you some ease and peace of mind.

The best way to do this is to submerge yourself in a bathtub for at least 30-50 minutes. This practice would immensely help you to recuperate from the pains as pains would tend to lessen eventually.


2. Do Trivial Exercises

Menstrual Cramps Causes And Best Home Remedies To Stop Pains

At this time trivial or lite exercise would help especially exercises that target your abdominal cavity. You can subscribe to yoga poses that help with menstrual pains or any other workout that wouldn’t seem too cumbersome for you to engage in.


Note the pains could be so intense as a result compel you to retreat but, don’t buy that idea, at this point try commencing with minor workouts such as abdominal stretches. Engaging in exercises triggers your endorphins which are the happy hormones that function to make you feel good.


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3. Place A Heating Pad

Menstrual Cramps Causes And Best Home Remedies To Stop Pains
Image Source – MNT

Heating pads are effective in relieving menstrual pains, you can make use of a heating pad to compress your abdomen whenever the pains persist.


Since the uterus walls are made up of muscles, any hot substance that is being applied to it would help in calming the cramps. This remedy is among the widely done menstrual cramps relief hacks that are recommended by experts.


4. Try An Acupuncture

Menstrual Cramps Causes And Best Home Remedies To Stop Pains

This is an ancient Asian healing method that helps in relieving nervous breakdown, this process enables blood flow to the internal organs in response, check inflammations.


Acupuncture is mostly done with acupuncture needles inserted at strategic parts of the body commencing with a lite electrical shock wave passing to the needles. 


5. Use Essential Oils

Menstrual Cramps Causes And Best Home Remedies To Stop Pains

Certain essential oils such as clary sage oil, Lavender oils, marjoram oils are helpful in alleviating menstrual pains, this is done by massaging the abdomen with aromatic oils during periods. Various studies and trials found the use of essential oils very effective against cramping.


When vying for essential oils be sure to go for the high-quality products at the same time be intent on taking precautionary measures prior to usage as some are concentrated and would require to be diluted before use.


6. Take Certain Herbs

Menstrual Cramps Causes And Best Home Remedies To Stop Pains


Certain herbs have been found capable of alleviating menstrual cramps, such herbs include Fenugreek, ginger, Kataria, Fructus GardeniaSafflower, and Moutan Cortex, etc.


The majority of these herbs could be sourced in our neighborhood whilst fish oil can either be sourced in pharmaceuticals, grocery stores, or on-demand delivery.


A research carried out on women with menstrual cramps had a 98% compliance rate on those who took fenugreek, ginger, and Fructus gardenia, etc, while there was a 25% compliance in women who took other unspecified products.


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7. Get Enough Sleep

Menstrual Cramps Causes And Best Home Remedies To Stop Pains

Most importantly, sleep is an essential commodity you can’t afford to trade on. After you must have done the above remedies and were able to get some sense of relief, at this point do well to get some sleep. Dozing off would help a great deal to diminish your cramps without you feeling it.


Though it might sound unrealistic how you would manage to get the relief that would aid you to fall asleep. Meanwhile, you need to understand that you could only achieve this objective after you must have observed the above-mentioned remedies.


Best Medicine For Menstrual Cramps

Talking of the best over-the-counter products that are found effective against menstrual cramps, we just can skip pain relief drugs from the list. Pain relievers such as IbuprofenNaproxen, etc are among the best products that are recommended for all types of pain including menstrual discomfort.


Other suggestions for this purpose are essential vitamins, vitamins help to cure menstrual cramps and also prevent further complications.  Vitamins such as Magnesium, Vitamin B6, Omega-3, Vitamin B1, Zinc sulfate, etc should be included in your prescriptions.


Apart from approaching the cure to menstrual cramps by using either pain relievers or vitamins, there is an effective feminine supplement you could take to subdue cramping and recover quickly. 


FeminPlus is an effective product that stimulates libido in women and has a beneficial effect on improving the overall health of all women. The product consists of high-quality ingredients that manage the hormonal system.


Using the product definitely increases the desire for sex, ensures arousal, effectively reduces vaginal dryness and reduces mood swings during the menstrual period. You should try this supplement.

Try Femin Plus


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Best Foods That Help With Cramps

When you are experiencing menstrual cramps, you shouldn’t settle for any kind of food. Especially foods like junk foods should be avoided as they could cause stomach troubles, and its abundance of sugar could complicate issues the more.


It is advisable you consult your doctor and also your dietician on what and what not to eat as they would have a better standing on what’s good for you after they must have made thorough check-ups on your health and diet needs.


Menstrual Cramps Causes And Best Home Remedies To Stop PainsThe most preferable foods that help with cramps are usually natural foods.

Such foods include vegetables and fruits especially fruits that have antiinflammatory properties, these fruits would help in attacking every swollen gland that could be causing you pains.


Such fruits could be Tomatoes, Oranges, Blueberries, and cherries. Vegetables with anti-inflammatory properties include spinach, kale, and collards.  Eating fruits and vegetables should be a regular practice, not only during menstrual cramps, to achieve a healthy body and a healthy immune system you should always consume these varieties of foods regularly. 


It is advised by medical experts to avoid Okra seeds as they could harm you when experiencing menstrual cramps. You can take the Okra seeds later when the menstrual cramps must have subsided.


The fascinating aspect of these kinds of foods is that they are 100% organic which implies they have zero additives and are also very certified health-wise.

By adhering to all these rules, you would be getting over menstrual cramps faster than you could imagine.



Menstrual cramps are temporal abdominal pains most people experience before or during menstruation. when you experience these cramps, make sure you notify your doctor and only take recommended and prescribed drugs.


Do not base on self-prescription as it could be deleterious.  When it comes to foods to eat, be reliant on organic foods during and after the cramps must have receded.


In a situation of underlying ailments, proper evaluation by medical experts is highly recommended as some menstrual cramps could be a result of underlying medical conditions.



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