Long Term Benefits of Exercise You Should Know

10 Long Term Benefits of Exercise You Should Know

Updated sept. 08 – 2021

Have you thought for a second what the long term benefits of exercise could be, perhaps you have wondered why experts always tell you to exercise regularly?  Well, Many people have fallen seriously ill due to their inability to engage in physical activities which come in the form of exercises and workouts.


Due to this display of laxity, it has become hard for many folks to place exercise as a top priority in their schedule they rather depend on medications for disorders that could be very well corrected by just engaging in simple workouts.


It becomes imperative we change this narrative as fast as possible to enable you to comprehend the enormous health benefits of exercises and why you should reschedule your engagements to make sure that exercise becomes inclusive on your list of daily activities. Now let’s go deeper so we could know the vital benefits of exercise and all that is to it.

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Long Term Benefits of Exercise You Should Know

Have you ever thought, why should I even get involved in exercises?  Maybe you have once had that impression tossing through your mind on numerous occasions but you some worth discarded it. I want you to know that it is a very healthy thought which in no accord should be taken for granted”.


If you neglect to engage in exercises, you are doing yourself more harm than good.


You might feel bewildered, and you ask how? then you need to take note of this…


Constant involvement in workouts and exercises is a very good gesture everyone should participate in regularly as doing so comes with healthful benefits which medications may not be able to serve at the end of the day. Before progressing to knowing the numerous importance and benefits of exercise, it is eminent we get to know what exercise is especially for those who supposedly might have no incline.


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So, What is exercise?

Asking about what exercise is all about, Simply exercise can be described as the training of the body to effectively improve and enhance its functionality and also achieve maximum fitness. To do this, you either engage in obstinate exercises or trivial ones which are rather referred to as beginner-friendly exercises. 


Exercise helps keep your heart, lungs, and circulatory system healthy and also improve your overall fitness. The benefits of exercise are numerous, continue reading to get more glimpse about the types of exercises that exist, and also the benefits associated with regular workouts.


Below are Types of Exercises That are Eminent

As much as many athletes or fitness enthusiasts who get involved in different workouts and exercises do this without having much knowledge of the ideal exercise they are getting into. For more clarity, there are four major types of exercises as affirmed by experts, and they include the following:

  • Endurance Exercise
  • Balance Exercise
  • Flexibility Exercise

If you love to work out regularly try attaining all the above-mentioned exercises. Doing some and abandoning some is quite mediocre and wouldn’t serve you all the benefits you could obtain in all. Now, let us elaborate more on these exercises and also specify drills that fall well into these exercise categories.


1. Endurance Exercise

Also referred to as aerobic exercises, this type of exercise functions well in increasing your heartbeat rate and breathing. Engaging in endurance exercises helps boost your fitness level, improve your circulatory system, lungs, and heart health.

You can keep varieties of ailments at bay by doing endurance exercises. This type of exercise is highly recommended for aged people as it helps fight against respiratory diseases, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer-related ailments

Video showing Endurance Exercise

Exercises that fall under this category include:

  • Jogging
  • Running 
  • Climbing up and down the stairs
  • Swimming
  • Cycling at a steady pace
  • Skipping or jump ropes, etc.


2. Strenght Training Exercises

The strength training exercise is a kind of exercise designed to advance muscular strength and resistance, this is an advanced level of cardio workouts that targets specific muscles of the body, you can refer to this exercise to be high-intensity interval training (HIIT). This type of workout requires coordination, resistance, and muscle engagement for balance during its execution. 

Video showing strength training exercise

Exercises that fall under this category include:

  • Weight lifting
  • Traditional push-ups
  • Using resistance bands
  • Hanging Pull-ups
  • Leg squats and body twists, etc.


3. Balance Exercise

Balance exercises are simply exercises that help to retain balance and prevent falls. This type of exercise is a must-know for adults and aged people as constant engagement in this workout would help regain and build your balance against unwanted falls.

Video showing balance exercise

Exercises that fall under this category include:

  • Standing on one foot
  • Single leg lift
  • Balance on a stability ball
  • Balance walk
  • Single leg side lift


4. Flexibility Exercise

Flexibility exercises are necessary for maintaining body posture, they come as lightweight exercises or rather trivial exercises. Engaging in these exercises helps keep the body fit and relief joints and muscular contractions.

As a beginner trying to explore the world of fitness and exercise, you are required to kick-start with trivial exercises that enhance your flexibility and advance your body for core workouts. If you must engage in any workout always seek expert help especially when you have extant injuries.

Video showing flexibility exercise

Exercises that fall under this category include:

  • Standing Quad Stretch
  • Knees to Chest
  • Seat Side Straddle
  • Forward Lunges
  • Seat Side Straddle


What Are The Long-Term Benefits of Exercise?

I strongly believe you have become some worth accustomed to types of exercises and the workouts that align with them to a considerable extent. Now, let’s head over to grasp all the importance of exercise as well as the benefits you are bound to get from engaging in regular workouts.


1. Exercise Sharpens Your Memory

Who doesn’t want to think in a flash, be proactive when confronted with impending challenges.  exercise leaves you with these essentially sorted-after benefits.


Frequently engaging in physical activity expands your memory limits and then enhances your ability to learn more and assimilate new ideas. A prior study conducted in 2006 affirmed that engaging in sprints enhanced vocabulary retention amongst healthy adults.


Another well-recognized Source And a 2018 study discovered that adults performed excellently on memory tests after short periods of light exercise. isn’t that awesome?…


If you demand more impact for a rather increased brain power to tackle brain fatigue, memory loss, lack of focus, and poor understanding and hearing ability, I suggest you check out SynapseXT, this product is the real deal for anything brain-related.


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2. Exercise Helps Manage Addiction

Addiction could be well managed with exercise.  If you happened to be caught up in any form of addiction, your consistency in engaging in exercise would help you a lot to snap out of that addiction successfully.

Long Term Benefits of Exercise You Should Know
Exercise Keeps you relaxed!

Exercise would get you to be well engaged, keeping you busy and leaving you with little or no time thinking of your addiction or doing them. And as time goes by, your addictions would definitely become history in the long run.

And more also,

research conducted on animals in 2010 proved that exercise might aid to reset the body clock, with its ability to help tackle addiction, it makes exercise Healthy and beneficial for the proper functioning of the body and mind.


If you are confronted with an intense and chronic addiction you definitely want to do away with through any means possible, be it a habitual or acquired addiction, here is what you need, Sobriety Success. This is the most recommendable addiction-breaking guide you can find in the market, check it out and see for yourself. 


3. Exercise Helps Tackle Depression

Depression would leave you vulnerable to countless negative imaginations. When you are depressed, you start considering negative acts like alcoholism, drugs, smoking, etc. In some cases, even despicable acts, so overwhelming and could disrupt peace in the social space.


Depression is not healthy for anyone to be a victim of.  And the best medication for depression over time has been getting involved in positive activities that make you happy and occupy your time more often. And exercise falls very much in that category.


When you get into exercise more often,  it triggers your happy hormones and leaves you with a sense of fulfillment. Exercise is very important as It would well impact you psychologically and physically altogether. Maybe you need outstanding, guaranteed well laid-down steps and format for beating depression you can check out the destroy depression guide here.


4. Exercise Helps You To Lose Weight

Weight loss is a vast booming industry, why?  with high demand for weight loss enhancers one wouldn’t need more convictions about the fact that weight loss has posed a great challenge to many.


Virtually 55% of the world population is battling weight loss in one way or the other, due to excessive intake of junk foods which are high in calories and sugar content, now places the consumer at a higher risk of getting obese.


Ask any weight loss expert out there, their major recommendation for weight loss is usually an active workout session which would help you immensely to burn more calories which is ideal for losing weight.


Though vying to lose weight through the use of exercises and workouts might take time and most people wouldn’t be in a position to anticipate that long. If you are among that category, you rather check out the Alive weight loss product, the testimonies that accompanies this product is quite resounding owing to its effectiveness in burning fat.


If you ask for another essential benefit of exercise for healthy living, weight loss is not left behind.


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5. Exercise Reduces Your Risk of Heart Disease

Exercise help strengthens your heart and improves adequate blood circulation. By increasing blood flow,  the oxygen levels in your body are automatically increased. This tremendously helps lower any impending risk of heart diseases which usually emerge as high cholesterol, coronary artery disease, and heart attack. Regular exercise can also lower your blood pressure and triglyceride levels.


With all the above-listed points and many more enormous benefits of engaging in exercises, I still doubt why you would neglect the fact that exercise is another doctor you can not do without if indeed you prioritize your health over any other quest or activities that occupy your time.


6. May Increase Your Energy Level

Getting engaged in exercise could help boost your energy levels. A conducted study shows that regular exercise helps relieve fatigue and stress as well as boost your energy to a considerable scale.


Exercise has also been found to be very effective in tackling CFS (Chronic fatigue syndromemore than any other remedy you could think of out there.


When you work out and exercise regularly, you also help to boost your overall cognitive health as well as keeping all your organs actively healthy and as a result burn more calories.


7. Exercise is Needed For Building Muscles

There is no other way around building muscles and good Abs apart from getting involved in frequent workout sessions. If you aspire to build a muscular body you must do obstinate exercises at least 2-3 times on a weekly interval. 


Unless you are subscribing to an unhealthy way of building muscles which is the use of muscle steroids found to be very bad for your health. Rather, try out body-building workouts such as barbell ab workouts, traditional pushups, and bench dips, etc.


After active workout sessions, it is expected you get exhausted as a result of intense training. To effectively speed up muscle building we recommend Nutrigo lab regeneration, a post-workout supplement designed for athletes who want to last longer during workouts, reduce muscle pains after workouts, and also build muscle mass faster. 

The Importance of Exercises and Regular WorkoutsTry Nutrigo Lab Reg…


8. Helps Relief Muscle And Joint Pains

You can efficiently bring muscle and joint pains to a stop by involving in exercises that stretch the muscles and joints. Such exercises include Hamstring stretch, Trunk rotation, Quadriceps stretch, and Side bends, etc.  Joint pains can be so excruciating and often wouldn’t allow you to stretch well enough or exercise these pain spots.


If you encounter regular back pains, cramping flexors, and joints, then you would need to unlock your joint and hip flexors. That is where this awesome guide comes in, the unlock your flexors guide was made with your condition in mind, with this program you would definitely be ending your aged-long pains.


9. Effective Against Low Cholesterol Levels

Lower cholesterol levels are obviously on the increase, especially among older people. Experts revealed that in a situation your total cholesterol is less than 120 mg/dL, you have low LDL cholesterol. To ascertain the total cholesterol in the body, you are required to sum up LDL, HDL, and 20 percent of your triglycerides, which is another type of fat deposited in the bloodstream. Exercise also helps in the adequate management of high blood pressure.


10. Decreases The Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

We all know type 2 diabetes to be a decline in the way the body regulates and uses sugar (glucose) as fuel. When this malfunction takes place, you have way too much sugar circulating in the bloodstream. Eventually, this affects other body systems such as the circulatory, immune and nervous systems. Want to know more about type 2 diabetes, read up this content on the causes, risk factor, and recommendable treatment guidelines for type 2 diabetes. 


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Mental Benefits of Exercise?

As we have known to what extent exercise can benefit the body, let’s also understand extensively how impactful exercise can be to your mental health or rather your cognitive health. Exercises improve your mental health by eliminating anxiety, depression, and all forms of negative mood swings clouding your mind.


When you devote time to active exercising, it has a way of boosting your self-esteem, cognitive health, and more especially rejuvenates your social life. People that are socially active rarely subject to depression and anxiety, they are habitually outgoing, and always add new friends to their circus. Learn how to tackle depression and anxiety with this in-depth guide


This Could Be Your funny excuses for not working out

There is no way you could thrive on something you have little or no passion for.  “It is a clear truth and you just have to accept that”. Many people have way lots of funny excuses for not working out, and you might be among that number.


Let me attribute this to a student who has got little or no time for his or her studies, such a student is definitely bound to fail tests and exams, so it is to a lack of dedication to physical activities.


If you intend to know the top reasons for not exercising, you could as well fall into one of these categories…


1. You are Underrating Exercise

If you have never taught it necessary to engage in workouts, maybe you tag it as not significant, definitely, you won’t see the needs that are to it.


You should never underrate the healthy benefits of incorporating exercise into your menu.  By regularly engaging in active workouts, you are incredibly increasing your chances of living a healthy life from the inside out.


Do you know that exercise aids in proper blood circulation and balances heartbeat rate, you must steam up your physical activity level by at least 65%,  as such a percentage would be a great game-changer in connection to your health and fitness objectives.


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2. You are Too Lazy to Exercise

“A poor attitude to work would always impact negatively and kill productivity”


If you want to achieve great productivity, you would need to commit to hard work.

You would have to put into consideration all that you could benefit from exercise alongside your fitness and health objectives as I have stated earlier on.  let it be the propelling force that drives you to engage in a workout (physical activities).


Though at the start, some workouts might seem very intense and exhaustive for you to perform, you now have to pinpoint the ones you found easy, then you start from there.


Moreover, it is advisable to seek professional help, i.e… get a personal trainer or fitness instructor to help you during any workout to avoid encountering injuries like dislocations and fractures.

Once you make it a routine, it would become part of you and the lazy approach would call a quit.


“I want you to understand the fact that people who engage in exercise don’t have any more or less time than people who don’t. The only difference is that they carve out that time. They make working out important”.  –  verywellfit.


3. You are Not Eating Healthy Enough

“There is no doubt about the fact that the quality of food you eat affects your overall gross output” 

The healthy benefits of exercise work in line with your healthy eating habits.  If you are the type who doesn’t eat Nutri-packed (well-nourished) foods that leave you with the required energy to perform both trivial and rigorous activities, then you are really placed on a disastrous menu.



To cut to the chase,

Eating healthy and balanced diet plans is far from consuming junk foods, it narrows down to having well-cooked and spiced nutritional delicacies.

Consider adding the following to your menu.

Fruits and Berries: (Apples, Bananas, Blueberries, Strawberries, and Oranges, etc).

Nuts and seeds: Like (Almonds, Chia seeds, Coconuts, and Walnuts, etc).

Vegetables: Like, (Broccoli, Carrots, Cauliflower, Cucumber, and Tomatoes, etc).


All the foods mentioned above are very healthy for anyone, If you want to leave healthily, you must be courteous of what ends up in your mouth at the end of the day as they really have a major role to play in your health.


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4. You Are Not Making Out Time For Exercise

Placing yourself in a tight schedule would leave you with less time to think of exercises.  Perhaps, no one would work out when partially or entirely exhausted.


This is where your scheduling and adequate timing take a very huge turn, you have to make out time to enable you to engage in other activities, not just circling your priorities around your neck at all times, also bring out time for recreative activities. You have to be deliberate on your timing, write down your routines appropriately, and see time creating itself.


5. I Can’t Locate A Gym

Many folks muzzle exercising with this major excuse. You hear them say “I can’t locate a gym or rather the gym is quite expensive”  The thing is, lack of a gym shouldn’t be an excuse preventing you from engaging in physical activities, you can improvise by setting up a section of your room for a mini gym where you can do exercises that requires no gym equipment.


Squats, pushups, twists are good examples of such workouts, you should give it a try and be amazed at how this would perfect and improve your fitness life to a considerable standard.


6. Exercising Is Obviously Too Hard

Seriously, this is the funniest of them all that I keep hearing almost all the time. Come to think of it, tell me about anything you ever did with benefits that you never had to burn up to achieve, literally nothing. You need to sacrifice your comfort zone if you must achieve the extraordinary.


Think about how exercise would really benefit your health and why you also need to start working out right now, I bet you would take the giant leap and finally call a quit to all the baseless excuses that cloud your mind. Finally, let’s get to know what happens when you don’t commit to exercising.


What Happens When You Don’t Exercise?

If you are the type that is very conscious about your health, you should be asking this question. The logic is quite simple, constant system breakdown and eventual system collapse.


When you do fewer physical activities in the form of exercises you become deconditioned, you experience muscle weakness, you lose the bulk of your muscles including the muscles needed for breathing.


Your other body parts are not left untouched especially, your arms and legs. This is among the significant reasons why people who barely exercise tend to look lean, while people who exercise more look more healthy and bulky as a result of accumulating more muscle mass through active physical training.


Who Should Not Exercise?

Furthermore, let’s look at the class of people who supposedly shouldn’t exercise owing to a health condition. If you have any of the following health conditions, it is advised you quit or reduce drastically your level of exercising to avoid further complications.

  • Do not exercise if you have kidney disease
  • Do not exercise if you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes
  • Do not exercise if you have arthritis 
  • Don’t engage in exercise if you have a heart disease
  • Quit exercise if you keep experiencing high blood pressure
  • Do not engage in exercise if you have cancer or just completed undergoing cancer treatment.


These are the health conditions that could restrict your active life. If you have any of the above sicknesses, it is highly advised you seek medical attention and not resort to any form of self-medication at any instance.



I believe this point is well noted. If you must do anything, do it now. Start going to that gym today and put an end to procrastination since it would never solve your health challenges.


If you could prioritize your fitness today, you would be glad that you would not be vulnerable and fall victim to different health challenges.


just be an action taker and not a procrastinator, you would definitely thank me later. Always remember that the more workout you do, the healthier you become.


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