Best Tips On How To Quit Smoking Successfully

Best Tips On How To Quit Smoking Successfully

Before seeking tips on how to quit smoking, you must understand the fact that smoking is one of the world’s most widespread pandemics ravaging the world right now. The continuous smoking culture which is practiced by many has gradually produced chronic smokers who are seldom planning on quitting any time soon. 


Health agencies still go as far as raising the alarm concerning the detrimental impacts of cigarettes on the lungs and respiratory system in general. However, we continually see inscriptions on cigarette packs warning that Smokers are liable to die young″, but still feel reluctant and unconcerned towards the effects of smoking.


It is appalling to note that smokers are still unyielding to such warnings and still progress with their unabating smoking habits. This brings us to this article’s sole purpose, which is to observe the best ways to quit smoking and the unnecessary cigarette addiction.

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Be it smoking  Cigarettes or Shisha, both are never recommendable for consumption at any instance. This is because cigarettes contain a harmful substance known as nicotine, this substance contained in a cigarette is well known for its harmful effect on the lungs, and its mood-altering effects. Continuous smoking, in the long run, causes respiratory diseases and eventual tuberculosis.


Statistic has it that tobacco use causes more than 7 million death worldwide each year. In America alone, cigarette smoking contributes to more than 480,000 deaths annually. 


The health risk incurred from first-hand smoke is equivalent to that of Second-hand smoke (This is when you are bound to perceive the essence of cigarettes from another smoker) and also causes more premature deaths annually. It is advisable to stay away from areas with active smokers.


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Smoking is a slow killer, but many smokers have refused to buy that idea entirely. The effects of smoking tobacco are numerous and it is imperative we have some incline on what these effects are before we could proceed on unveiling the ways to quit smoking addictions eventually.


Health Effects And Dangers of Smoking

That you have been smoking for some time now without any symptoms whatsoever, shouldn’t permit you to conclude that smoking has no hazardous effects on your health. The dangers of smoking are eminent and might take time, but the takeaway is that it must surely surface sooner or later.


Cigarettes have been found to harm almost all the organs of the body which makes it suggestible to quit smoking immediately. You should consider giving chance to detoxification, as it would help to a considerable extent in removing traits of nicotine that found their way into your system. 


The alarming rate of young smokers is so disheartening, at least, 11 percent of youths between the ages of 13-15 are prone to cigarette smoking this has been affirmed by student surveys. Cigarettes have been identified to contain at least a total of 600 chemicals, which when burned, generate a total of 7000 chemicals that attacks the body organs and heighten one’s proneness to cancer.


Wondering the health risks a smoker is bound to incur, below are most of the known symptoms to look out for…


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1. Causes Fertility Troubles

For women who are habitual smokers, smoking can immensely damage the female reproductive system making it an impossibility for a woman to procure conception. It is observed that this occurs owing to the chemicals in cigarettes that contribute to hormonal depreciation.


The symptoms of prolonged smoking in men lead to erectile dysfunction and reduce the quality and level of sperm count inclusively. For persistent problems of infertility, read up this guide on causes and cures for infertility.


2. Causes Lung Damage

A smoker is liable to suffer deteriorated lung health, the chemicals infused in a cigarette are cancerous in nature which when absorbed and breathed into the lungs attacks it in a rather subtle way. Health authorities have reported that the majority of lung cancer cases are caused by chronic smoking.


Addiction to smoking not only causes lungs cancer, but it also exposes you to (COPD) chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder. The American lung association once affirmed that smoking causes the majority of COPD deaths recorded annually.


3. Weakens The Immune System 

Continuous and chronic smoking affects and degenerates the immune system thereby leaving you receptive to various illnesses. To guarantee a healthy immune system, you should keep away from smoking addiction and learn to live on daily healthy practices.


4. Leaves You Vulnerable To Type 2 Diabetes

Regular smokers have always been identified to be on the heightened end of being stricken with type 2 diabetes. At least, 30-40 percent of smokers are high-risk diabetic victims, smoking also makes it very difficult to effectively curtail diabetes outbreaks in diabetic patients.


We all are very much aware of how dreadful diabetes can be, especially type 2 diabetes. This is a major cause of death in people of all ages and finding a feasible solution to this dreaded disease would go a long way. If you need a remedy for type 2 diabetes, I strongly suggest you make use of the Deep sleep diabetes remedy for a total overhaul on type 2 diabetes.


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5. Causes Heart Disease 

Heart disease is eminent in regular and chronic smokers, smoking cigar poses a great threat to the heart, blood vessels, and blood cells.


Cigarette contains numerous chemicals such as tar that can lead to atherosclerosis. Plaques are being built up in the blood vessels, which then hampers blood flow and could also obstruct the arteries.


A smoker is also prone to peripheral artery disease, this is meant to occur when the arteries must have clogged up and blood could no longer find its way to the arm, legs, and any other parts of the body thereby resulting in ailments such as:

  • a Heart attack 
  • blood clotting 

6. Decreases Oral Health

Smokers always have dented tooths, gum infections, and poor oral health. As the smoker continues smoking unabated, their oral health would continue depreciating and might worsen eventually.

You could observe symptoms such as:

Swollen gums, bleeding gums usually when brushing, sensitive teeth, and loose gums, etc.


7. Induces Rapid Ageing

Regular smoking causes wrinkles, increases aging effects, and promotes unhealthy skin. People who smoke always, are prone to wrinkles and experience faster aging than normal people who live a cigarette-free daily life. Not only the aging effects, but it also increases your chances of developing skin cancer in the long run.


8. Causes Hair Loss

Hair loss occurrence is highly inflated in smokers, people with chronic smoking habits might experience regular hair unusually fall from their hair scalp, this effect cuts across both men and women who always gulp in smokes from cigarettes. You can read up more on hair loss and how to revive hair growth here. These and many more are the dangers associated with smoking.


Best Tips On How To Quit Smoking Successfully 

How To Quit Smoking Successfully 

Whilst quitting smoking can seem very challenging and unrealistic, many individuals have been able to quit smoking all the same.


It is imperative to know that breaking free from addiction can be difficult and takes time and dedication before any feasible outcome could be met.


In response to this, an expert therapist and addiction specialist have been able to produce a guide that helps you break free from any form of addiction. You can check out sobriety success a renowned method that puts you on course in breaking free from addiction.


Other practical methods that would help you quit smoking include the following:


1. Try Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Nicotine replacement therapy is always one of the best suggestions for those who want to overcome cigarette addiction.


When you refer to nicotine replacement therapy the options could be:

  • Making use of Over-the-counter nicotine patches, eg gum.
  • Nicotine induced nasal spray and inhalers

These therapies when used would help you curtail and minimize intense cigarette cravings.


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2. Keep Your Mouth Busy

You should keep note of times you normally smoke, during these times, keep your mouth busy by chewing something more healthy and vitalizing, you can learn to eat fruits at those times, chew bubble gums, etc.


3. Think About Your Health

I want you to give this a deep thought, If consuming tobacco and smoking cigarettes was all good, I wouldn’t have gone all out condemning them in this entire post. Why do cigarette manufactures still go ahead to warn you that “smokers are liable to die young”.


If your health is indeed your priority, you wouldn’t trade it with a two-cent stick. Try seeing cigarettes as your enemy, take out time, do more research on the health hazards smoking cigarettes can leave you vulnerable to and you would start avoiding them in the best way you can.


4. Seek Support

Don’t just think you can do it all alone, it would be seriously ill-considered to think in that direction. You have to consult the outside circus, talk to concerned friends and families, visit online support forums that discuss how to quit cigarette addictions, schedule a meeting with an addiction specialist.


To that effect, you can get sobriety success a notable and proven method to subdue a wide range of addictions. This guide was carefully crafted by an addiction specialist who was able to surmount her age-long addictiveness and now decided to replicate the same guide so that people like you could also join the train of overcomers.


5. Activate Your Physical Life

Getting yourself physically engaged would be very beneficial to achieving success. This is since physically active people have less time to think of their addictions and cravings.


You can opt for short bursts or trivial workouts within your enclave, doing this would definitely make the strong tobacco craving you could be experiencing at that moment disappear, you can take advantage of home-based workouts such as push-up, squat exercises, etc.


6. Resist The Temptations

You would feel the strong temptation to take one stick, the temptation would be so strong and intense, then here is where self-discipline should come into play.


It would be silly to yield to such thoughts, remember this, once you give way to one stick you will also go unto the other and from there, your habit is reinvigorated once more.


At this point, start considering self-developmental strides, start to source ways to improve yourself in vital areas of your life. 


7. Resist Alcohol Cravings

Alcohol and cigarette have been known to work in synergy, If you must thrive in your quest to quitting smoking, you would also need to be unyielding to alcoholism altogether.


You have to understand the fact that excessive alcohol consumption is detrimental to the health talk more when complimented with a cigarette, it is a ticking time bomb.


8. Use The Delay Tactics

You could be wondering what the delay tactics are all about. This is a way of timing yourself, Let’s assume you have a strong urge to smoke, then give yourself some time before you commence, at least 10-15 minutes.


At this allotted time, find something else more meaningful to do and before you could know it, you have already forgotten that you earlier intended to smoke.


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9. Be Diplomatic With Stress

What are the things that induce your stressors, what do you do when you are feeling so stressed out? If you are the type that resorts to drinking and smoking when feeling stressed or depressed, it would rather worsen your situation.


Here is where diplomacy strides, you have to learn the right ways to manage your stresses, you can go for relaxation techniques during your stressors, engaging in active meditation practices would help immensely in this regard.


Maybe you keep hearing about meditation and don’t know where to start or the health benefits of mindfulness meditation, here is a definite guide that would help you achieve more through meditation, I suggest you give it a try and see your health change for the better.


“Smoking is your weakness, not your comfort. Quitting smoking is a transformational process that will change your confidence in yourself, your health and your life.”- CBQ Method



Every addiction takes time and effort to surmount. I never promised that quitting smoking would happen in a snap, it requires consistency and dedication to the course.


All the suggested tips on the best way to stop smoking would be yielding if you can prioritize them and put them to work.


I would still reiterate, you can’t actually quit addictions on your own efforts, you are required to reach out to experts who would give you the recommended guidelines, or rather check out sobriety success, a straightforward guide to overcoming addictions.  



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