How To Prevent Snoring While Sleeping, Tips And Advice

How To Prevent Snoring While Sleeping, Tips And Advice

Many are faced with snoring disorder which presumably you might fall among or you may have someone who does. It should interest you to know that about 45% of the American adult population snore with the lesser percentage attributed to children.


Snoring can be really challenging to curtail, obviously, it can disrupt your peaceful sleep or that of your partner including people who could be staying within especially when it is too loud.


If you have been anticipating how to prevent snoring while sleeping, this article would go in-depth on revealing the causes of snoring, the natural remedy to snoring, and recommendable treatments that are very effective in ending this health problem.

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If you are the type that snores, don’t feel too dejected about it as you are not the only one who goes through this health disorder. Like I said earlier, attempting to quit snoring can be difficult but there is always a feasible solution to snoring which could either be natural or the use of effective medications.


Quite often people around would make jest of your snoring impairment which might not always augur well with your feelings but, in actual sense snoring is indeed a jerk.


Imagine being at the receiving end of a snoring partner, you are being sunk between seconds of sleep after a hectic day as you would always have to shrug your partner to stop them from snoring, such experience can be very tiring and frustrating.


Snoring can cause problems in a relationship especially when you have no incline that your partner snores. Putting up with a snoring partner can be puzzling but figuring out a way to salvage the situation would be encouraging. Such ways could be sleeping in a separate room, staying awake while they sleep, or asleep when they are awake. Doing this could seem impossible but obviously, it does help. 


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Before we further on to the natural remedies for snoring or the recommendable medications to this effect, let’s begin by knowing what the various causes of snoring are:


What Are The Causes of Snoring?

Talking of the causes, snoring is caused by the obstruction or narrowing of the airway. This is when air flows past relaxed tissues in the throat thereby causing the tissues along that path to vibrate while you breathe, as a result, produces harsh and unpleasing sound. 


In most cases, snoring is not just usual it could occur as a symptom indicating the presence of an underlying health condition. The following are also among the causes of snoring: 


1. Obesity

Obesity can be the reason why you snore, the reason is that people with obesity have fat deposits in their necks. The upper airway is compressed when you lie down, and this makes snoring very likely to occur. The ideal way to deal with snoring from this angle is to start working on your weight, and here is where you start on your quest to losing weight and returning to a healthy weight array.


2. Smoking

People who smoke have a heightened risk of snoring. Smoking aggravates the membranes situated in the throat and nose which obstructs the airway and causes breathing problems owing to this effect, it gradually induces snoring. Not only does smoking cause snoring, but it also leaves you vulnerable to various life-threatening organ diseases. You can learn more about the dangers of smoking and how to quit cigarette addiction.


3. Being Alcoholic

If you consume much alcohol, you are prone to snoring. Alcohol induces snoring by relaxing the throat muscles thereby decreasing your natural defense against airway interference. Excessive alcohol intake also affects the liver adversely. Minimizing or completely putting a stop to alcoholism would be highly beneficial to your kidney health inclusively.


4. Family History

Snoring can be eminent in a family history of chronic snorers. I know of a family precisely eight in number, in this family all four males and two females snore with the remaining two females being non-snores.


When these family calls for a reunion and happens to sleep together in the family house, I bet you would want to be a next-door neighbor at this time. In such a situation this family trait would keep being passed to the downlines and the thread continues.


5. Narrow Airway

You are more likely to snore if you have a small or narrow upper respiratory tract. Most people have a faint palate, or enlarged adenoids, this prevents free airflow from the airway thereby causing snoring.  


6. Bad Sleeping Position

Snoring can be caused by adopting a bad sleeping position, if your regular sleeping position is laying on your back, it can make you snore. The best recommendable position is lying sideways.


7. Poor Sleep Time

Poor sleep time coupled with stress can prompt snoring. If you are too busy with work or numerous other activities and you unintendedly deprive yourself of at least 6-7 hours of sound sleep every day definitely, you would be subjecting your body to eventual collapse and in such a situation your chances of snoring are eminent as it is stress-induced.


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Most people who snore are associated with sleeping disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea. (OSA) This is a tract problem that requires serious and immediate medical attention especially if the following symptoms are imminent.


  •  Choking at night
  • Agitated sleep
  • Intense chest pain especially at night 
  • Sore throat in the early mornings 
  • Morning headaches
  • Snoring noises is usually too loud
  • Breathing  ceases during sleep
  • Causes lack of concentration and reduced attention span in children


Note OSA is accompanied by the above symptoms, it would be counterproductive to feel carefree upon seeing such indications and acting less.


You should seek medical attention immediately for a proper diagnosis to avoid further complications. People who suffer from OSA undergo difficulty in breathing followed by constant pauses and gasping for air during sleep.  If you truly intend to put an end to this embarrassing problem, below is the definitive guide that would help you to stop snoring and leave your best life.


How To Prevent Snoring While Sleeping, Tips And Advice

Having known to an extent the causes of snoring let us get to know the natural solutions as well as medications that can help in alleviating your snoring habits. Note this definitive list of effective snoring tips is based on practical results by active snorers who managed to overcome by figuring out these remedies.


1. Stop Smoking

How To Prevent Snoring While Sleeping, Tips And Advice

Smoking would rather aggravate your symptoms and intensify your snoring habits. Smoking having known to be among the causes of snoring if avoided in its entirety would be very beneficial to your health and also help immensely in curtailing snoring over time.


Smoking itself is an addiction difficult to break free from, for greater odds of breaking free from smoking addiction you would need a guide designed to help you with this purpose and that is where sobriety success comes in, this product comprises a holistic approach to your addiction needs. Check it out to see the amazing benefits.


2. Improve On Your Sleeping Position

How To Prevent Snoring While Sleeping, Tips And Advice

Sleeping position (posture) has a role to play when it comes to snoring. Like I said earlier, adjusting to the sideways sleeping position is best rather than lying on your back this is because lying down on your back repositions the base of the tongue in effect, collapses the soft palate towards the back wall of the throat, this induces sounds when breathing.


3. Drink Enough Water Before Sleep

How To Prevent Snoring While Sleeping, Tips And Advice

Drinking enough water keeps you well hydrated during the night thereby limiting any chances of snoring. Experts have affirmed that when you don’t take water before going to bed, secretions in your nose and soft palate appear to be thicker, restricting free airflow.


4. Lose Weight

How To Prevent Snoring While Sleeping, Tips And Advice

It is no new thing that people who are overweight are prone to several ailments such as type 2 diabetes, fatty liver including snoring, etc. To have better chances of dealing with snoring, you would have to work extensively on your weight.


Engage in active workouts that help in losing weight, eat weight loss foods such as the keto diets, or rather subscribe to weight loss supplements for an even faster result, here is our best pick weight loss product you should need in this regard.


5. Cut Down On Alcohol Intake

People who drink alcohol have a high chance of snoring, alcohol degrades the relaxing conditions of the muscles situated at the back of your throat, which makes it more likely for you to snore. Cutting down to a considerable amount the level of your alcohol intake would be a good fit towards curtailing snoring and achieving a healthier liver altogether.


6. Try To Avoid Stress

How To Prevent Snoring While Sleeping, Tips And Advice

On several occasions, I have been able to observe that stressed people snore in response to their stressor symptoms. But, these same people never snore when they feel no stress at all. This backs the fact that chronic stress can induce snoring, it is best advised you learn to handle your stress effectively and these stress management techniques would positively help you with that.


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7. Try Some Face Steam

How To Prevent Snoring While Sleeping, Tips And Advice

Since snoring is caused by a total or partial obstruction of the airway, trying out activities that help to open up your air tract would help immensely, and that is where this exercise takes a huge dive.


Here, you use facial steam to steam up your face. When you don’t have the facial steam machine you can improvise in using a bowl filled with some hot water, bend over the bowel covering your head with a towel.


8. Elevate Your Head While Sleeping

You should pile up more pillows to this effect if need be. On condition that the sideways position wasn’t helpful to your snoring, you can prop up your head using a pillow or two until you reach the desired comfort that best suits your condition.


9. Be Mindful Of Your Diet

The food we eat plays a huge role in our overall healthiness with snoring not left out. Foods containing a higher amount of dairy and gluten are known for causing inflammation to the nose and throat tissues, making snoring possible.


Decreasing the quantity in the intake or rather assigning a specific day in the week or month when you feel best to consume these foods would go a long way to helping out in this regard.


10. Make Use Of Humidifiers At Night

Most people could undergo snoring as a result of sleeping in a dehumidified environment. In such a condition you can resort to the use of humidifiers to make the room cool and moist for sleeping. The available moisture in the environment would help lubricate the air making sleep more comfortable.


You could ask, which snoring remedy is best for me?

If you have this question tossing through your mind, you did well to ask. As humans, we are entitled to diverse opinions and yours should be no different. The fact is that what worked for Mr. A might not work for Mr. B. To better answer your question, I would suggest you give them all a try until you were able to find the one that sticks.


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Effective Snoring Treatments

Having known the causes and natural remedies for snoring, it is imperative we also enquire about the best products that eliminate snoring as promised.


This section would be revealing some of the best products and programs that function in halting snoring and its symptoms, having been used by many snoring patients who were able to secure their relief through these products, it gives us a satisfactory rating to showcase these products to you our audience.


Below are our best picks on snoring products, we recommend you check them out.


1. Snoran Plus

Snoran Plus is an effective way to stop snoring and get better sleep. Taking it regularly helps in falling asleep and guarantees better rest. The product is based exclusively on natural ingredients that act directly on the source of the problem.


Snoran Plus is designed for men and women who want to improve the functioning of the body and improve sleep quality by eliminating snoring. The product’s effects can be seen from the first day of use. Check it out.

How To Prevent Snoring While Sleeping, Tips And AdviceTry Snoran Plus


2. Blue Heron Snoring Program

This program by Christain Goodman teaches about breakthrough exercises that helped him naturally achieve a snore-free life.

The blue heron program helps stop snoring and sleep apnea. Talking of the testimonial level, they are highly credible and convincing I suggest you check them out. With the blue heron program “putting an end to snoring is now a choice” said Christain Goodman.

Try Blue Heron Program



Snoring doesn’t have to be a lifelong experience If actually, you are keen on ending your unabated snoring habits the solution is quite feasible.


You shouldn’t let snoring be a deterrent to your life or your happy relationship, you are free to try out all the natural tips we discussed as well as the snoring products mentioned and recommended in this article.


You are as much free to share this article with anyone you know that snores as I believe these tips would go a long way in helping them get the anticipated relief. 



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