How To Get Rid Of Lower Belly Fat - Best Exercises And Diet Ideas

How To Get Rid Of Lower Belly Fat – Best Exercises And Diet Tips

Do you desire for having a leveled even belly? Do you have simply some excess fat around your tummy that you simply can not appear to do away with?  I strongly believe that this post would assist you by offering some suggestions on how to get rid of the excess lower belly fat hanging around your midsection that has kept you in an awkward state.


Sadly, when you gain weight the obstinate belly is typically the top place to gain fat, and also regrettably, it is generally the last location that you will certainly drop fat.


That is why there are lots of people that are sensibly healthy however still have a little stomach lump.  Also, the fitness enthusiasts that exercise consistently as well as view their diet plan carefully might still be uncomfortable with their tummies.


If you are questioning just how to shed your belly fat, after that you require to recognize that you do need to remain in fairly good condition before your aspiration.


After all, your belly fat must not be your very first problem, if you are very obese. Initially, you need to concentrate on slimming down generally as well as coming down to a healthy and balanced weight array before you can start focusing on the excess fat around your abdomen.


All you need to do is to stick through as I unveil to you a list of effective exercises, including natural ways on how to get rid of lower belly fat, and also the best lean belly fixes that guarantee you a well-toned belly faster than you could ever imagine without having to anticipate that long.

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How To Get Rid Of Lower Belly Fat, Best Exercise And Diet Tips

If you are keen on shedding your excess belly fat, you have to start by consuming a healthy and balanced diet regimen likewise present some workouts into your everyday schedule after that, you can begin stressing concerning just how to shed belly fat.


If you are in a healthy and balanced weight array however still lug some additional fat around your tummy then you are required to work harder either by engaging in exercises that target your midsection or go for quick belly fixe products which I would reveal to you later in this article.


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When you have a healthy and balanced weight you will certainly have a far better opportunity of dealing with the belly fat issue and a higher chance of shedding it at the end of the day.


Lots of people assume that the most effective method to do away with belly fat is to do rigorous exercises or sit-ups as well, if your supposed belly fat is really simply untoned muscular tissue as imagined, then these exercises would be a very good choice to consider eventually.


List Of Easy Exercises For A Flat Belly

Below is a list of exceptional exercises that would conveniently help you get a better hold on your potbelly problem. These are considerably HIIT workouts that are ideal for toning fat belly, engaging in these exercises regularly over time would help reactivate your fitness life and boost your confidence.


1. Stability Ball Exercise

One of the most proven workouts that always strive against belly fat is engaging in a stability ball exercise. If you want something very efficient and very productive, this exercise is a great recommendation.


Some research and studies have actually revealed that individuals that utilize a stability ball have two times the muscle mass fiber than individuals that do routine sit-ups as well as other workouts that do not relate to or engage the use of the ball. The above video shows how the stability ball workout is done.


2. Bent-leg Raise Workout

How To Get Rid Of Lower Belly Fat - Best Exercises And Diet Ideas
Credit – Gymguider

The bent-leg raise is a simple but effective workout pattern. The leg raise is a strength training exercise that targets the iliopsoas (the anterior hip flexors), leg raises targets your lower stomach muscles, which can be a difficult muscle to tone up.


Doing the leg-raise workout for at least 30 seconds without observing a purse would strengthen your core efficiently, recommendable for toning belly fat.


DIRECTION:- Begin by lying face-up on the floor with your palms facing down. Lower your hips and knees to 90 degrees.  Without letting your upper body move, stretch your legs out until they are straight and hanging a few inches above the floor, then pause and return again.


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3. V-Ups Abs Workout

This exercise is ideal for building abs and also for toning your belly fat, doing this workout should have no form of glitch as the engagement procedures are quite simple to comprehend. Start by lying with your back firmly on the floor, raise your arms above your head with your body in a straight position.


DIRECTION:- Keep both your arms and legs together as you slowly raise them higher toward each other, while flexing your core and aligning your spinal column. Touch your hands to your legs to create a triangle with your body before returning both arms and legs straight back down to the floor.


4. The Russian Twist Workout

How To Get Rid Of Lower Belly Fat - Best Exercises And Diet Ideas
Credit – Livestrongwomen

Maybe you have seen this type of workout on various occasions, probably you never knew the name or what it is being called, the Russian twist as the name portrays literally looks like it originated or is of Russian origin. Well, your guess might not be wrong.


This type of workout I would call the all muscle exercise, this is because this workout targets a lot of muscle areas of the body it falls much in the category of the best abs workout routine specified for every fitness trainer. If you intend to tone your belly fat through the use of exercise, this workout is a good fit for you to try out.


DIRECTION:- This exercise is done by twisting the body in a continuous motion to both sideways (Left & Right ) with the legs raised up stretching forward. The Russian Twist workout targets the following muscles Scapula muscles, Obliques, Transverse Abdominis, Hip flexors, and Erector Spinae, etc.


5. The Plank workout

The plank workout is regarded as one of the best calorie-burning exercises and is also very effective for obtaining a flat tummy. The plank hold specializes in involving many muscles at a stretch, which in turn ends up benefiting the core strength of your body.


Fitness experts who engage more in the plank workout affirmed that the plank workout helps in eliminating every fat around the abdominal cavity, and also improves posture and total body flexibility.


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6. Bicycle Crunch Workout

How To Get Rid Of Lower Belly Fat - Best Exercises And Diet Ideas
Credit – SELF.COM

The bicycle crunch is among the ideal exercises that aim at the abdominal region, these muscles include the rectus abdominis and the oblique muscles. 


DIRECTION:- Lie down with your head and shoulders raised, hands behind your head, and legs in a tabletop position. Bring your right elbow to meet your left knee while straightening your right leg at a 45-degree angle.


This list of exercises is ideal for toning your belly fat if you decide to explore the exercise option. Note, if you are to exercise to shed your belly fat, you need to be very consistent about it. For better effect, engage in these workouts 4-5 times weekly with your sessions lasting up to 20-30 minutes.


Other Reliable Workouts to Lose Weight at Home

Numerous other reliable workouts efficiently guarantee the burning of belly fat unabatedly, and below are some of them.

KICKBOXING: Kickboxing is a wonderful method to work out. Workouts such as this help in securing a flatter tummy. Kickboxing will certainly offer you a fantastic cardio exercise along with providing you with the left training workouts that aid tone abdominal muscle.


DANCE: This is another kind of workout that can profit the belly. There are several sorts of dance that are all terrific for shedding and working out the weight and toning the body. One extremely efficient dancing is the stomach dance which especially targets the muscle mass in the belly.


You can sign up with a stubborn belly dance course and even get hold of a DVD and also do it from your home.  Zumba is an additional kind of dancing workout that is becoming popular and offers terrific cardio exercise. You can additionally do Zumba from your residence with this video guide.

CARDIO EXERCISES: Are excellent for melting fat however do not count entirely on this kind of workout. It is best to integrate a cardio workout with some toughness training workout to construct your muscular tissue mass. Muscular tissue burns fat so the even more muscular tissue that you have the faster you will certainly burn fat.

One of the most crucial suggestions to bear in mind when you are looking for how to shed your belly fat is that if you are obese all around, there is no need in concentrating just on your belly, you have to be extensive on your exercising.


If you still have some excess belly fat you have to thoroughly deal with it, you’re required to tone your body all over and also shed weight all over as well as your belly fat. For this purpose, you can check out this best-selling weight loss workout plan.


Natural Ways To Lose Belly Fat Easily At Home

Apart from envisaging the exercising aspect, we should also be looking at lifestyle habits that would also add up and speed up the whole process. These practices are inclusive of your diet changes and lifestyle adjustments.


1. Consume Foods With More Fiber (Soluble Fibre)

Fiber contents are richly found in plants and they are very hard to digest. When You eat plenty of fibrous foods, it helps immensely to get rid of excess weight. Thoughtfully, fiber is a good weight loss facilitator.


However, there are various types of fibers, which are mostly soluble and viscous like in nature. These fibers have a way of holding liquids in a gel-like form and they end up sitting in your guts. On many occasions, this gel can act against digestion and overall absorption of the food nutrients, this results in you feeling full and also have a total reduced appetite.


A five-year study carried out showed that eating 10 grams of the soluble kind of fiber every single day can achieve a 3.7% total weight reduction targeting your abdominal cavity.


You can also go for fiber supplements and have them added to your regimen, considering the best fiber foods to introduce into your diets, you should look out for whole grains, nuts, dried fruits, berries, avocados, etc. If you intend to go for snacks, you can subscribe to the baked apple oatmeal recipe, rich in fiber and every other essential nutrient needed to keep you healthy.


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2. Cut Down On Your Level of Sugar

Nothing increases weight like excess sugar, almost every food with added sugar poses some level of detriment to the consumer, and this makes it highly advisable to desist from taking such foods. when there is added sugar in foods, it some worth affects the metabolic health of the individual consuming such food.


Do you know that excessive sugar in your food ends up accumulating around your abdomen and liver inclusively?  and this is made possible by the presence of fructose which is highly abundant in sugar.


Though sugar is a major source of glucose which is the core energy provider in foods, it is also imperative to note that when you eat much-added sugar, it surcharges the liver with fructose, and this fructose eventually converts into fat that ends up logging around your abdomen.


Notably, when it comes to how bad sugar could be, the liquid type of sugar is the gravest in this regard, it is expedient to drastically limit the intake of liquid sugar as it works negatively in the brain.


This liquid sugar usually ends up as calories, and these calories continue to accumulate, and when you take in sweetened beverages, you tend to accumulate more calories in the process, and the intake of these sweetened beverages also leaves you vulnerable to becoming diabetic.


Taking a colon cleansing supplement is very essential for the detoxification of your liver and body system entirely, to rid it of harmful toxic substances accumulated as a result of taking processed foods and beverages.


Advice: whenever you are about taking any liquid beverages, always be observant of the labels in other to ascertain the level of sugar contained in the said beverage, especially to take note of the presence of refined sugars which are very addictive and tend to increase fat rapidly.


3. Limit The Level of Carb Intake

Carbohydrate is virtually fat, and if you limit the level of carbs in your diets, definitely weight increase will cease to occur, and this fact is highly backed by science. People who eat more low-carb diets achieve faster weight loss when compared to those who take foods that are high in calories.


If you really want to lose weight quickly and efficiently, you should consider the kinds of food you eat as food has a major role to play, after all, it is what you eat that determines how much fat you end up accumulating around your belly eventually.


In other to lose belly fat satisfactorily,  you should reduce your carb intake to at least 50 grams daily, this would subject your body to ketosis, which is a stage your body starts burning fat on its own, and results in drastic appetite reduction. When you limit your carb intake, almost all the fats lost during the period are always abdominal fat, and it is always a good approach for people who has type 2 diabetes.


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4. Eliminate Your Stressors

Experts affirmed that severe stress can increase your belly fat by activating the adrenal glands that function to generate a stress hormone referred to as cortisol.


When the cortisol hormone is on the rise, your appetite also increases drastically and as a result, stimulates the storage of fats in the abdomen. People who are obese tend to produce more cortisol in stress-inducing situations.


Engaging in gratifying activities that help in eliminating stress would go a long way to guarantee relief against stress. Taking part in mindful exercises such as meditation would help you enormously to tackle stress and stressor symptoms effectively. You can kickstart your active mindful meditation here, also check out this awesome stress mitigator that helps relieve stress in minutes and not hours or days.


5. Keep Away From Foods With Trans Fat

First, we have to understand what trans fat or trans-fatty acids are. For clarity, trans fat is a partly hydrogenated fat found in foods.


They can be obtained naturally or artificially, natural trans fat can be derived in meats especially ruminant animals such as sheep, and goats, while artificial trans fat is also referred to as industrial fats or somewhat hydrogenated fats. 


Those who consume industrial fats are at the risk of serious health complications such as the development of cancer cells, inflammatory diseases, insulin resistance, heart disease, etc. Consuming foods that are rich in trans fat contributes considerably to building abdominal fat.


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6. Eat More Protein

As much as we know how beneficial protein is for the proper functioning of the body, it is also essential for efficient weight management. Dieticians have affirmed that eating more protein increases the release of fullness hormones (PYY), this hormone functions to decrease your appetite and keep you full for a longer time.


Studies have asserted that people who engage in eating more protein recorded a reduced abdominal fat than those who eat diets with little or no protein. Protein also aids in building and sustaining muscle mass during and after weight loss. It is advisable to eat more protein and you can start today by sourcing proteinous foods like Fish, Lean meat, Eggs, Dairy products, etc. 


You can also grab your protein in a handy and snacky way by subscribing to a healthy protein bar such as NuviaGo protein bars. This protein bar provides you with all the proteins you need to build a healthy body with just one bite, it is a must-take for athletes who intend to build more muscle mass. 

How To Get Rid Of Lower Belly Fat - Best Exercises And Diet IdeasTry NuviaGo


7. Make Use Of Apple Cider Vinegar 

How To Get Rid Of Lower Belly Fat - Best Exercises And Diet Ideas

If you have made use of apple cider vinegar before, you definitely would attest to its numerous essential health benefits. By simply making adequate use of apple cider vinegar you are sure of eliminating lots of health challenges like lowering cholesterol levels, reducing blood sugar levels, reducing belly fat, helps you to lose weight efficiently, and lowering blood pressure, etc.

You can start adding a few spoons of this organic masterpiece into your diets and observe the progressive level in the burning of your belly fat with time. Note, you shouldn’t expect this process to be rapid, it would take some time to eventually see results.


8. Try Intermittent Fasting

When you ask about a weight loss process that has become popular, you just can’t exclude intermittent fasting from the list. Maybe you are still unfamiliar with this weight loss process, it entails being periodic with your eating. 


Doing intermittent fasting is more of an eating pattern that cycles between periods of eating and periods of fasting, a known method of doing it is by getting engaged in a 24-hour fast once or twice a week or rather staying hungry all day for at least 15 hours, and eating all your food within a 9-hour period. According to research and observations, people who got engaged in intermittent fasting experienced a 4–7% decrease in abdominal fat within 6–24 weeks of activity.


Doing intermittent fasting or any other kind of fasting requires precaution and rapid disengagement in response to side effects and symptoms that could emanate from doing them. You are advised to discontinue intermittent fasting if actually, your body couldn’t be able to continue at any stage.


Effective Flat Belly Fixes You Should Try

When it comes to dealing with health challenges, there are only but few procedures that are being considered for achieving convincing results at the end of the day, moreover, such is our aim and purpose right from the onset.


In getting a result, all we need is just a fix to such a problem so we could be healthy again, restore our confidence once more and also bounce back to our desired shape comfortably. 


In regards to burning belly fat or securing an even attractive pot-free belly, exercises are considered, but it really takes time before you could start witnessing notable results. And mind you, if you are the impatient type, you might not be able to anticipate that long. 


Apart from engaging in exercises, reviewing your diet plans, and undergoing rigorus lifestyle adjustments, there are effective flat tummy products out there that work efficiently in toning excess belly fat, and I would be recommending one of such products to you so you can try it out and have your belly fat fixed sooner than you expected.


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1. Okinawa Flat Belly Fix

Our number one pick is Okinawa flat belly fix, when you ask for a flat belly product that is very effective in toning belly fat, you just can’t exclude this product from the list. No matter the size of your pot belly, you’re definitely going to get it fixed with this awesome product.


Okinawa flat belly fix is made with the best Japanese herbs that flatten fat around the abdomen, thereby leaving you with an even-toned flat belly. This product is a masterpiece and is listed amongst the all-time best-selling tummy flattening products.

Try Okinawa Flatbelly Fix


2. Lean Belly 3x

When you request another yet effective fat belly product selling crazy in the market, you just can’t leave the lean belly 3X behind. The enormous customer review for this product is very amazing which is why I could not wait to introduce it to you for your quick belly fix. 


This product is indeed an expert pick when it comes to shedding your belly fat efficiently naturally and healthily with zero side effects whatsoever. If you really want to do away with your belly fat, I suggest you check it out.

Try Lean Belly 3X



It’s going to be a journey. It’s not a sprint to get in shape.”– Kerri Walsh Jennings


You don’t expect your tummy to flatten overnight, it is always a continuous process. Never subscribe to the unrealistic promises of “lose your belly fat overnight” those gimmicks don’t work!


As you follow these tips closely, you would see an encouraging result over time.


There are many options to consider including the ones I have elaborated on, whichever works for you, you should be very keen on its follow-up and always maintain a healthy weight array at all times because if you must have a flat belly, you must not be obese.


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