How Junk Food Is Harmful To Your Health

Are you so addicted to eating junk food snacks? Though junk foods appear to be very sweet, enticing, and look delicious to be fed on and so hard to resist.


Prior to that, have you sat down to weigh the pros and cons, have you at some point asked yourself or others this question, Is junk food healthy? Taking that leap would help you gain some clues about the impending danger you could incur, more especially if you are consuming them excessively without any inch of limitation or being remorseful about it.


In this article, we would be discussing more deeply what junk foods are, the harmful effects of junk food snacks, and why you need to quit the unnecessary intake of these life-threatening uncertified foods.

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How Junk Food Is Harmful To Your Health

It might interest you to know what junk foods are, Simply, they are unhealthy foods that are very bad for your health.


Junk foods are generally unhealthy foods that are high in salt, fat, caffeine, and sugar.  They are foods containing little or no dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins, proteins, or any other relevant nutritional values that are required to obtain a completely balanced diet.


Note: for food to be tagged as a portion of healthy food or a balanced diet, it must be certified to contain all the major nutritional values required in food.


In regards to junk foods or processed foods, it is obvious it has little or non of these nutritional factors.  Rather, it is fortified in sugar, fat, lipids, and unnecessary calories which act adversely against you that is consuming them.


Though calories are very important factors in the foods we eat, this is because it expedites the abundant energy level obtained in foods, I would say calories are synonymous with energy.


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There are numerous varieties and kinds of junk foods out there. Primarily, these are mainly snacks and drinks we consume on the go, we always find them more convenient and easy to get as they could be obtained in nearby outlets and grocery stores.


These Junk foods include snacks e.g burgers, cheese, Pastries, and cookies, etc. There are also beverages and sugary drinks like sweetened fruit juices, carbonated drinks, and so on.


“Below are the health risk associated with eating junk foods…”


Health Risks Associated With Eating Junk Foods

Eating junk foods has numerous health risks associated with it, many people are deeply rooted in the habit of eating junk foods on daily basis, they consume these foods without minding what the hazardous outcomes could be. In this section, we elucidate more on the health Implications these foods could pose to the consumer.


  • junk foods increase obesity
  • junk foods kill your appetite for good foods
  • junk foods make you vulnerable to diabetes
  • junk foods weaken gum and erode the tooth
  • junk foods reduce and affect kidney potency
  • junk foods increase cholesterol levels
  • junk food causes digestive disorders


1. Junk Foods Increase Obesity

One of the most common adverse effects of junk foods is obesity, the excessive intake of junk foods prompts weight increase in a very drastic way.


When you take a proper and keen observation in our world today, you would find out that the number of people battling with weight loss is at the increase, far way higher than the 19th and previous centuries where 96% of foods consumed were mostly organic.


You may intend to ask why?  This is because people in past centuries were totally dependent on eating freshly harvested farm produce, such as vegetables and fruits.


Back then, there were not many junks around, compare to now there is the high advent of numerous kinds of junks glaring at you from every corner of the grocery store, Companies competing with each other just to produce the next epic sweet sugar story, hmm!!!.


This is inarguably one of the risks incurable from consuming junk foods (i.e Obesity). Being obese can be life-threatening as you are left vulnerable to various organ diseases. To return to a healthy weight array and also avert diseases like type 2 diabetes etc. Here is a good weight loss recommendation that guarantees you a faster weight loss experience.


2. Junk Foods Kill Your Appetite For Good Food

Another unhealthy attribute of junk foods is their ability to partially or completely remove your appetite for good foods, Junk foods would always keep you full at all times making you have less need for good food.


When you become so addicted to these kinds of foods, you would always want to have them around since they have formed a major part of your diet.


The continuous intake of these foods would lead to clogging of your arteries with particles of saturated or trans fats, Making blood passage a herculean task.


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3. Junk Foods Make You Vulnerable to Diabetes

How Junk Food Is Harmful To Your Health
Illustrative image for blood sugar

Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs when the pancreas is no longer able to produce insulin, or when the body cannot make good use of the insulin it generates.

The number of diabetic patience globally is at the increase due to the excessive intake of junk foods.


The most common type of diabetes junk food consumers incur is usually type 2diabetes in which the body no longer makes use of the insulin it produces and this type of diabetes is very rampant especially in adults.


The most prominent well-known cure for this type of diabetes has always been a healthy lifestyle, complete abstinence from sugary contents, and regular exercising.


Though diabetes may not be cured completely but could be managed by regular administration of insulin and other diabetes-sustaining drugs that would help you keep your blood sugar in check.


After much intense and thorough research, this advanced blood sugar support formula came to fruition. Ceracare is an FDA-certified supplement carefully formulated for people with type 2 diabetes, this product also combats fatigue associated with diabetes, enhances blood circulation, and revitalizes the body. I suggest you check it out, also read more on type 2 diabetes here.


4. Junk Foods Weaken Gums and Erode The Tooth

Nothing decays and affects the tooth and gums adversely as junk foods, this is due to their high sugar content alongside various other chemical composites used in manufacturing these foods.


The major mistake we make after eating junk foods is the negligence we play by not immediately brushing our teeth to secure our tooth health and prevent decay eventually.


“I know you would ask,  how can I brush when am on the go”,  well at least you rinse your mouth thoroughly with clean water till you get home, and do a proper brushing this would help in a big way to curb tooth decay and swollen gums caused by the remnant leftovers in the hidden areas of the tooth.


5. Junk Foods Reduce And Affect Kidney Potency

It is quite obvious that you eat junk foods with the perception of enjoyment not knowing the reverse is actually the case.


“Dense as a brick”,

No wonder it is called JUNKS it means something that has lost complete sanity, check out other synonyms of junks, you get thrilled by seeing words like, garbage, trash, waste, etc.


Then why not stay away from these trash foods and save your health, don’t get deceived, Feasting Your eyes on all the goodies, they ain’t just what they seem to be.


When you eat these foods, they play a huge role against your kidney by reducing its life span after they must have deposited lots of harmful toxic chemicals in your kidney such chemicals include Phthalates, Perfluoroalkyl chemicals (PFCs), Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), Sodium Nitrite, sodium benzoate, and Carrageenan, etc.


All these aforementioned chemicals act adversely against the liver and kidney hence reducing its potency and functionality drastically. I recommend you go through the overall body detox to rid your system of the harmful toxins accumulated over time.


6. Junk Foods Increase Cholesterol Levels

How Junk Food Is Harmful To Your Health
Chemical illustration for cholesterol

Cholesterol is a waxy fat-like substance situated in the blood which runs through the blood vessels.

The body requires cholesterol to build up a series of healthy cells, cholesterol has a range it shouldn’t exceed in the blood which when it does becomes a threat to the individual or host.


When cholesterol is at the increase in your body, you are at risk of heart disease.

This cholesterol from junk foods ends up depositing fats in the blood vessels, these fats block the vessels and disallows blood to flow thoroughly.  This not only leads to heart diseases, but it also causes a stroke.


When blood could no longer travel through the arteries, then the body starts to shrink, motion becomes restricted and paralysis gradually sets in almost immediately. Not only that, there is a high risk of dilated veins otherwise known as varicose veins.


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7. Junk Food Causes Digestive Disorders 

When the foods you have eaten subsequently become hard to digest, you start wondering what the problems could be. This could be as a result of the negative repercussions junk foods have left your digestive organs with.


This happens when you keep consuming junk foods, the harmful chemicals in these foods intoxicate the body including the digestive organs thereby affecting digestion. When this happens, the digestive organs can no longer function effectively which leaves you with digestive cramps.


There are way lot more other adverse effects of junk foods that I could not include in this article, that notwithstanding, it is imperative to avoid the intake of these foods to avoid endangering your health at any instance.


How to Stop Excessive Junk Food Craving

To quit an addiction is not always easy, it takes a gradual process for you to obtain a substantive result. When you first start to quit an addiction, there are always side effects and symptoms you could experience along the line.


Though these side effects might differ individually, these symptoms are very inevitable since they are bound to occur at some point. Many individuals who succeeded in quitting junk foods affirmed they observed side effects such as Tiredness, cravings, uncheerfulness, and increased irritability.


You might experience symptoms opposite to this, whatever your symptoms turn out to be, do well to notify us and share them in the comment section.


Here are a few tips that would help you overcome junk food addiction and excessive cravings…


1. Makeout Time to Prepare Your Dishes

It is very advisable that you eat foods that are organic, well prepared, and nourished. Try preparing foods directly from your own kitchen.


When you make out time to prepare your own dishes, you would definitely be compelled to add nothing but the best condiments which are very healthy and coordinated. These could be vegetables and every other natural food condiment that are very healthy and has zero chemical additives.


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2. Plan Your Meals Properly

“It is always said that proper planning, enhances productivity ” But here, proper planning would help you overcome junk food addiction and also save your life at the end of the day.


When you plan and table down your dishes well, you would have no space to accommodate junk foods since you are planning only on the best.


You have to table down your dishes and make adjustments in every area possible. Let’s say you just prepared a dish at home after You must have eaten your feel, you should also pack some for lunch which you would eat later at work.


When you do this continuously, you would have no more need to buy junk foods since you have your food pack with you. Doing this, in the long run, would completely scrap off the craving for junk foods.


3. Develop a Negative Sentiment Towards Junk Foods

Developing a negative sentiment (view) towards junk foods is another way you could overcome its addiction how do you make this happen?  by seeing junk foods as being poisonous and damaging to your health.


By the time you start seeing junk foods as a threat to your well-being, you would totally neglect them and flee for dear life.


I wonder how you would be able to eat what could make you ill or rather annul your life gradually. This wouldn’t take place immediately but as a result of accumulative effects.

Just manage to develop this mindset if truly you want to stop the cravings for junk foods once you do,  it would be beneficial in the long run.


4. Become Very Observant of Food Labels 

Every food in packs has its Ingredients and composition written on its cover.  Whenever you buy these products, make sure you are very observant of the production details ranging from ingredients, chemical compositions, and manufacturing procedures.


Once you start watching out for these facts, you would soon be able to pinpoint most of these harmful toxic chemicals used for producing these foods, and by knowing that, you would be able to evade the bad ones.


It’s more advisable to avoid completely all these packed foods and switch to organic products that are certified health-wise.


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5. Prepare Only Healthy Dishes

When you make out time to prepare healthy dishes, foods that are completely natural and organically dependent, it would help you to stop junk food cravings. These could be salads, potatoes, fruits, vegetables, grains, and every other food that is natural and organic.


Organic foods provide you with a natural and satisfying taste that you would not get from processed foods. Moreover, these processed foods are completely immersed in preservatives and other chemical compounds.


ACTION TIPS: It doesn’t matter the type or intensity of the addiction you could be going through right now, this addiction recovery guide would help you overcome each of your life-threatening addictions.


Check out Sobriety Success, a top recovery guide for surmounting addictions. This guide has helped lots of people snap out of addiction and I believe it would help you as well.



It is necessary you stop the intake of junk foods at every possible cost as you’ve been able to see most of the adverse effects you can incur through unregulated consumption of these uncertified foods.


“If we’re not willing to settle for junk living, we certainly shouldn’t settle for junk food. ”  – Sally Edwards


This clearly tells you that junk foods are detrimental to health. It is commendable and ideal you subscribe to eating healthy foods at all times as such practice would keep you healthy and in return prolong your life.


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