6 Ways To Start a Healthy Day Routine: Evidence-Based Tips

Every one is infatuated about having a pleasant and fulfilled day free from stress, anxiety, and dejection. But we seldom contemplate the impacts of waking up on the wrong side of the bed.


“Let me not sell you on a slot”, do you know that you are the mastermind behind your own sadness and happiness, the projection of your day begins right there in the bed where you woke up in.


When you wake up and do not observe healthy daily routine practices such as the ones I would touch light below, you would definitely end your day on a rather shaky menu.


I strongly believe you crave the opposite and wouldn’t want that.  Anyways, I greatly submit that you would want to have a grasp on these essential tips that would guarantee you a  healthy fulfilling fun-packed day. 


If truly you do, then you would have to pay attention as I show you the awesome habits you must engage in every morning you wake up, these are the ideal healthy day routine practices you should prioritize sooner than expected.


Let’s get started…


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If the day is actually going to turn out good, I believe it is some worth unpredictable, this is owing to the fact that we are clueless about what could happen in the next minute. 


That notwithstanding, we are still left with the majority of choices to make if indeed we crave for our day to end on a good note rather than the opposite.


When we solicit for a better day we also need to play our own part towards achieving it all the same. Let’s say you are not feeling too well owing to a poor routine practice from your end, then you would be contributing ruins to your day and life in totality.


So, if you must plan a healthy day, you must learn to observe the following healthy practices: 


Daily Routine For Healthy Body And Mind

The following tips are Ideal for obtaining a healthy day routine for a guaranteed sound body and mind.


1. Stay away from your gadgets

With the regular overwhelming update on heart wrecking and nerve-breaking news all around the globe, It becomes compelling to keep off from your devices whenever you wake up in the morning.


Doing this would keep your mind open to positive ideas and not infiltrate you with all the bad happenings worldwide, ranging from covid-19 updates, terrorist attacks, and economic crisis, etc.


Just stick it in that the world we live in has never been peaceful and that fact wouldn’t change by your continuous worrying, rather you endanger your own life at your expense.  You have to imbibe a positive mindset every minute of your life, and if you must go through your device, let it be when you must have absorbed an outstanding reflective positive idea already.


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2. Drink Enough Water (Warm water)

When you inquire about the healthy practices that shouldn’t be omitted from the unset of the day, drinking water is one of them. Early morning water should be the first thing you do before considering doing anything whatsoever.


Water helps relaxes and soothes your nerves, and also detoxifies your body from any toxin you must have accumulated during the previous day, helps in blood circulation, aids the digestive system to function efficiently, also reduces shivering from cold, etc. You can read more on the benefits of drinking early morning water here. Note, the warmer the better.


3. Engage in an Early Morning Workout

Most times, we unintendedly underestimate the essential benefits of workout and regular exercising. Exercise keeps the body and mind fit and active, not engaging in workouts from time to time would be putting your body at risk and also at the brinks of eventual collapse.


Engaging in early morning workouts increases your heartbeat rate thereby enhancing blood circulation all through the body, early morning workouts awakens your body and mind awareness, Increases your energy level, repositions your focus, and also enhances your mood


Exercise is very essential for the maximum and considerable functionality of the body, you can inquire more about the healthy benefits of exercise and why you need to activate your fitness life today.


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4. Prepare a Sweet Healthy Breakfast

Amongst the most essential meals needed during the day, is definitely your breakfast. Early morning breakfast is highly essential and should not be bartered. The healthy benefits of breakfast are numerous and here are some of them:


Early morning breakfast reduces the inherent risk for illness, Supplies you with the essential nutrients for the day, Keeps you on a healthy weight array, breakfast boosts your brainpower, etc. You can read more about the benefits of breakfast.


When preparing your morning breakfast, you have to make sure it contains all the essential nutrients that are highly required in foods. Nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, and protein are highly needed for actualizing a healthy breakfast. 


If you intend to resort to snacks, never settle for junk foods, rather you can consider swapping junks by preparing healthy snacks such as the baked apple oatmeal snack. This type of snack is easy to prepare and you can do it right there in your comfort zone.

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5. Begin Your Day on a Calm Note

Don’t feel exaggerated, unrealistic, and overwhelmed speculating on what the day brings and all that, try calming your spirit and instill the belief that the day is accompanied by good tidings waiting for your exploration.


At this point, you need to observe a quiet time, try to reminisce and recollect on previous events, and handle the present to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past which have instigated your worries.


Active meditation would definitely help you achieve this with ease. You must have heard about meditation before now, and how meditation helps balance and reinvigorates your mind for success and better wellbeing.


The benefits of engaging in meditation are so enormous, meditation keeps you focused and deeply penetrates your soul to ponder on your problems and source effective solutions within you.


Effective mindful meditation help relieves Stress, Controls anxiety, help fight addictions, Enhances self-awareness, Can generate kindness, Reduced Pain, and Increased Memory, etc. We can’t overemphasize the health benefits of meditation enough. I advise you to start your own active meditation journey today and see your health improve over time, start here.


6. Start Your Day on a Positive Note (Get Motivated)

Whenever I feel downtrodden or weary, I just switch on my sound system or put on my headset and start listening to calm motivational messages and music.


I find it very effective in relieving any form of anxiety I could be feeling inside of me. I suggest you try this out and see yourself feeling better once more.


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Life is full of endless potential opportunities waiting for you to figure them out and harness them for your own benefit.


Note, you are the mastermind behind your own happiness and fulfillment. Never allow stress and anxiety to weigh you down.


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