7 Simple Good Ab Exercises For Newbie Bodybuilders

7 Simple Good Ab Exercises For Newbie Bodybuilders

Talking about the best abs workout routines, the feeling of having abs could be so fascinating, and thrilling.

As men with good ab seem to look more attractive and appealing because of the muscular feel they portray, this has resulted in almost every man desiring to have that look of glamour also.


Building ab is not always easy as it requires regular exercise and workouts. When we talk of exercises, they are usually obstinate and often times the most intensive ones at that. In regards to beginner good ab exercises for beginners, they should be easy and convenient for every newbie.


Let us get to know what these workouts are and their rules of engagement in order to prevent inconveniences.


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7 Simple Good Ab Exercises For Newbie Bodybuilders

Achieving good abs depends entirely on a variety of factors.  These factors are quite easy to observe if you could pay ardent interest in your fitness objectives.


As a fitness enthusiast, you need to visit the gym on regular basis not only visiting the gym, you should be choosy when it comes to your choice of diet since it is the food you eat that would determine how your flesh appears eventually.


“Let me not sell you out on the single” Many people have perceived the whole idea about Abs building wrongly, due to whole lots of exercise out there, it has become even more confusing to pinpoint the right workouts that could facilitate faster Abs building experience.


Being point-blank the most convincing best workouts to build Abs are always the hard and intensive workouts and it takes a gradual process for these abs to spring. Let’s get to learn the right workouts that are needed to achieve this objective.


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  • The hanging leg raise
  • Machine Crunch Workout
  • Weight Lifting
  • The Russian Twist
  • Cable Crunches
  • The Plank Workout
  • Barbell Ab Rollout


1. Machine Crunch (Workouts)

7 Simple Good Ab Exercises For Newbie Bodybuilders
Machine Crunch workout

As the name goes Machine crunch Is a type of workout done by sitting on the machine, then you lift your hands above your shoulders holding the lever handle or pad.


This exercise centers on building the shoulder blades, chest, and scapula muscles, not only does this exercise focus on the shoulder blades and chest, but it also stretches down to the abdominal cavity resulting in a more muscular stiffer abdomen.


This workout is suitable for all genders, as you could see in the image it displays a female doing this same exercise showing this is not only a man’s thing.


Not only that, but it is also a beginner-friendly exercise as the only needed help would be the adjustment of the disc which you can also do without hitches.


When you engage in this type of workout regularly, you would be obtaining a good convincing result on your abs-building objectives.


2. Weight Lifting (workout)

7 Simple Good Ab Exercises For Newbie Bodybuilders
Weight Lifting exercise

As the name goes, this is a weight-lifting workout. This type of workout falls under the most intensive types of exercise that are widely known.


You achieve this by lifting a specific amount of weight over your head and this is done in a continuous motion up and a bit lower to the shoulder till you become exhausted.


Apart from lifting weights standing upright, there are other forms of weight lifting which include the Bench press method in which the trainee thrusts weights in an upward direction whilst lying on their back, then commences gradually.

The weight lift focuses also on the shoulder blades, the chest, and down to the abdominal cavity.


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3. The Russian Twist (workout)

7 Simple Good Ab Exercises For Newbie Bodybuilders
The Russian twist workout

Maybe you have seen this type of workout on various occasions, probably you never knew the name or what it could be called.

The Russian Twist as the name sounds literally looks like it originated or is of the Russian accent. Well, your guess might not be wrong.


This type of workout I would call the all muscle exercise, this is because the workout targets a lot of muscle areas of the body it falls much in the category of the best abs workout routine specified for every fitness trainer.


This exercise is done by twisting the body in a continuous motion to both sideways (Left & Right ) with the legs raised up stretching forward. This Russian Twist workout targets the following muscles  Scapula muscles, Obliques, Transverse Abdominis, Hip flexors, and  Erector Spinae, etc.


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4. Cable Crunches (workout)

7 Simple Good Ab Exercises For Newbie Bodybuilders
Cable Crunches Exercise

This exercise is done by keeping your weight on the knees and shins, now you let the cable pull on your both arm and the torso inclusively, making you feel a minor stretch in your abdominal muscles.


You crunch your body, lowering your forearms down to your knees and extending your head down to the floor.


The cable crunches target mainly the rectus abdominis muscle which is located on the abdomen where the six-pack abs appear.


This workout is required for those with the objective of building six-pack Abs, the cable crunch Is one of the best workouts to build Abs.


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5. The Hanging Leg Raise (workout)

7 Simple Good Ab Exercises For Newbie Bodybuilders
Hanging leg raise

When seeking exercises that are core and intensive, definitely you are calling on the hanging leg raise exercise.  This exercise is considered one of the hardest most intensive workouts by many fitness enthusiasts out there.


This is an expert-level workout pattern, it is done by hanging from a bar with your extended arms, you continue to jack up your legs parallel to the ground.


This workout works on the Hip flexors,  and Abdominal region. The hanging leg raise workout is an ideal workout for obtaining a flat tummy.


So if you intend to lessen your belly fat through the help of exercise, you might as well consider this awesome workout pattern.


6. The Plank (workout)

7 Simple Good Ab Exercises For Newbie Bodybuilders
The plank workout

The plank workout is regarded as one of the best calorie-burning exercises and is also very effective for obtaining a flat tummy.


The plank hold specializes in involving many muscles at a stretch, which in turn ends up benefiting the core strength of your body.


Fitness experts who engage more in the plank workout affirmed that the plank workout helps in eliminating every fat around the abdominal cavity, and also improves posture and total body flexibility.


The best aspect of this workout is the fact that it is a beginner-friendly exercise,  “Research shows that for most people, holding a plank for one minute at a time creates a resilient torso,”  McGill says.


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7. Barbell Ab Rollout (workout)


With the name Ab rollout, you shouldn’t be expecting less, this workout clearly portrays the abs-building pedigree.


This is one of the outstanding exercises to heavily incite your rectus addominis which is clearly the six-packs muscles needed.


This workout is done by holding a roller disc, then you move forward, and backward with the knees in a fixed position.  The video above clearly illustrates how the barbell rollout Ab workout is done.


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By engaging in all the workouts listed above, you would be on your way to achieving your quest which is obtaining your desired Abs.

Fitness is not about being better than someone else. It’s about being better than you used to be.”  –  KHLOE KARDASHIAN


For you to get fit and leave a healthy life, you must work out, and you must hit the gym on a regular basis too.


Being an ardent observer of your dieting should also be included on your priority list, as the body would only manifest what you put inside of it, which is the healthy food you must eat.



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