Practical Self Development Stages For Achieving More Growth

Practical Self Development Stages For Achieving More Life Growth

Self-development is a necessity if you must thrive and attain exceptional heights and more wins in life.  Anyone who doesn’t commit to self-development is preferably sinking too deep.


If you must reach greater heights, you must develop certain areas in your life, especially areas worth developing and working upon.


Perhaps, every aspect of our lives needs some level of development and satisfactory augmentation which we must not deny ourselves as life progresses. 


Dedicating to self-development amounts to outstanding self-worth and more life gains. So, if you crave to understanding the ideal personal development stages, and the best self development skills that would position you towards attaining more growth in life, you must have to observe the tips I would be revealing to you in this article.


Let’s get started…


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What Are The ideal Development Stages In One’s Life?

The developmental stages in every individual is a real-life long journey that involves continuous work and involvement in growth hacks that see to random life improvement. We are not literally discussing the broad stages of development which are: early childhood, middle childhood, and adolescence, no, it is way more beyond that.


Understanding life and its cyclical events would keep you on edge in dealing with life and the problems it throws at you. Self-development is synonymous with human development stages, they function together to bring about a more fulfilled life. 


Each development stage has great values to offer to your lifelong dreams and aspirations, you are meant to observe them carefully and work on them tenaciously, below are the development stages in human existence and development. Note, these stages of development also have a great effect on your relationship and life in its entirety.

  • Lost Stage
  • Awareness Stage
  • Self-Acceptance Stage
  • The Responsibility Stage
  • The Application Stage
  • Realizing Your Purpose


1. The Lost Stage

At this stage of life, you are still lost and unaware of in-dept life principles. This stage is usually the hardest of the stages in realizing yourself, it is well-referred to as the pre-personal growth phase. This stage has you display your good or your worst instincts, it is quite obvious that most people don’t get to make it out of this stage of life.


The rather unawareness stage has a way of restricting our successes when we blatantly refuse to acknowledge life troubles, sprees of enormous blessings, our shortcomings, and abilities.  When this stage plays right, it brings about the advent of new beginnings in our lives which sees you successfully spearheading to the other development stages.


Those who tend to miss this crucial step are terribly stuck in life struggles and could self-destruct if urgent amendments and reverses from this path are not met. This developmental phase can incur lots of mistakes, but as life is a continual learning process it exposes you to learn new things about life growth all the same.


Most people in this stage can be overzealous and confident about life which could also get them stuck at some point, reason is that it tends to restrict you from aspiring in learning new things and this affects your development gaits. You have to act well and strike a balance, don’t grope in negativity, and don’t be too fanatical. 


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2. The Awareness Stage

We call this stage the epic of evolvement in the sense that this stage, growth strides tend to sprout evenly. Remember to successfully thrive in this stage of personal development, you must have committed fair enough to the first phase. Once you eventually get to this stage, your sense of reality and consciousness of humanity becomes alive.


This developmental stage leaves you exposed to the harsh realities of life in its entirety, self-realization is eminent, we forgo feelings that depreciates our self-worth and strive to forge ahead. Our openness to new ideas is drastically increased, eagerness to know, feel, and perseverance in difficult situations is heightened.


As you become self-realistic in this very stage, it guarantees you the gauge to face your problems head-on rather than evading them. We also pay ardent attention to our acquired skillsets and rooted potentials at this phase, you can be kept at bay from achieving more if you possess negative dents in your character such as Fear, indecision, uncertainty, self-hate, etc.


3. Self-Acceptance Stage

For there to be true self-acceptance, there must be personal growth in place. You won’t love and accept yourself if you aren’t making some convincing progress in your endeavors. Acceptance has more to do with self-love and contentment and for these fit to be achieved, extra efforts must be applied towards developing your potentials.


You have to learn to love and forgive yourself when things go unproposed. We shouldn’t live a life that is solely bent on condemning our every little effort or rather counter our decisions, accepting who you are in totality has a great way of impacting your life and cognitive health inclusively.


We should learn to accept situations no matter how bad they seem to be, this is made possible with the help of self-acceptance strive which helps make the necessary changes that life demands. Accepting oneself helps eliminate feelings of grudge, hatred, and disdain, guaranteeing us the freedom to become friends with ourselves and our surroundings extensively.


4. The Responsibility Stage

“Taking responsibility entails maturity”. When you find yourself in this stage of development, it is believed you should now be able to take charge of your affairs decisively. This stage arises your sense of self-care and proactivity towards handling unending life issues. 


As a responsible fellow, you don’t have to rely on others for crumbs or wallow in a pitiable state as a result being reliant on people for help at all times or keep basking on the euphoria of life throwing chances at you which barely happens as imagined, you should take control and also be obliged to your life. 


The feeling of responsibility here enables you to understand that you are apparently on your own and have got no one to help you out with whatsoever circumstances life could display before you, getting ahead in this stage could seem very scary and burdensome, but it obviously motivates you, at the same time pruning you for whatever challenge that lies ahead.  


5. The Application Stage

This stage of self-development can seem very overwhelming and compelling altogether, this stage leaves us with lastly implementing all the garnered knowledge and skillsets, we should get motivated at all times when in this stage as it would help us not to feel downtrodden or lose focus.


Here, plans are set, we thrive to be go-getters, and finally taking real-time action on those set plans. Every sphere of human endeavor has its character principles and the same is applicable with this stage. If you must succeed in this very stage you learn to imbibe self-discipline, unwavering focus, and motivation.


Any mistake we make at this stage in sabotaging our focus, disciplinary characters, and motivational strides would have a serious detrimental impact on our journey. We strictly need to follow up on the laid-up plans and should not entertain any divergence in attention for whatever reason.


It is necessary to note that achieving any success in life endeavors necessitates your breaking free from any negative addiction that might have clouded you all these while, breaking free from negative addictions is another topic of its own but with this guide, you are halfway from getting your freedom, you can start Here


We are emotionally driven creatures and we always have different emotions to express in every situation we found ourselves, negative emotions would come, but you have to let them fly, focus only on healthy and positive thoughts, be very definitive about your goals, and plans and don’t compromise them.


6. Realizing Your Purpose

Congratulations, If you have managed to make it thus far, you are almost self-built for success. It is everyone’s aspiration to live a life with purpose and meaning, but taking the practical drift towards achieving this objective usually tends to pose the real devil to many individuals.


At this stage, you are required to live with intention and purpose, making it this far shouldn’t be our limit, we should further aspire for greater things and not relent at this point. Make sure you learn new things every day, implement your newly discovered ideas, then sit back and wait for the actual results to pure in.


“Remember the fact that a life with purpose has zero chances of failure and you should make that life your own”


Personal development gaits are never an easy fit to attain overnight, it takes time, and consistency to build oneself for success, it is hard but the rewards are quite enormous. Apart from having a handful of tips on development stages of life, lets us elaborate more on what self development is and the necessary actions we should take to develop ourselves in every area of life.


What is self-development and why is it important?

SelfDevelopment is a process of consciously improving oneself in several aspects of life. Self-development and personal growth are lifelong processes that enable you to assess your abilities, set goals, and then take actionable steps to help you achieve your purposes and maximize your potential.


You can never overemphasize the importance of self-development in our individual lives, Self-development reveals and enables us to harness and enhance every potential rooted in us. Such potentials could be your skillfulness, work ethic and abilities in handling unusual situations, etc.  


Life is a puzzle, It takes real-time to fix, but when fixed, you see the real beauty emerge.”   Until you begin to see life as such, the whole thing wouldn’t make any sense. 


Actionable steps are required if you must fix the puzzles of life which confront us on daily basis, these challenges are what defines us, your tenacity and approach towards resolving lifelong problems should be in a rather flexible state and not otherwise.


Life can be tough, but the insightful and resilient ones are always ahead in figuring out what works and what doesn’t. 


Growing up, I used to think that life was a platter of gold till I began to see the harsh reality staring me in the face, which made me wished I was one of the kids with super-rich parents who wouldn’t let them lack a thing. Hmm!!! If really wishes were horses, I guess everyone would ride.


I could sound like a motivational speaker which might tend to piss you off somehow, but truth be told we are all about motivation right here.


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Attaining a prominent and enviable height is everyone’s dream, but how many of us are so willing to put in the actual work without sourcing for a detour to actualizing success. This is a million-dollar question beaconing for a million-dollar answer.


It becomes eminent to know that there is no shortcut to success, while many have the wrong success ideas and belief that success could be achieved with less effort and devotedness, I believe such scenario only plays in movies or fairylands. In actual reality, there is more dedication and hard work for cementing a successful carrier.


The earlier you imbibe such a resolute perception towards becoming a successful person, the more prepared and adjustable you would be towards the ever-changing life programs.


If you are all about looking for the actionable and renowned ways by which you can develop your instincts, and the best tips to follow to achieve a successful carrier and surmount every one of your long-term goals, here are the positive intuitions you must learn to live and breathe on.


Personal Development Attitudes You Must Imbibe For Success 

If you must know, every inspiration and pursuit in life has its own character traits which every aspirant heading towards that direction must keenly observe and practice quite often, and such traits must be made paramount with reckless abandon.


1. Never Give up Attitude

Practical Self Development Stages For Achieving More Growth

For you to be successful, you must be resolute, consistent, and unyielding to negative presentiments. Successful people have no time for feeble assumptions, they stay positive and believe in their instincts.


You must learn to remove the latter T in every “I CAN’T”. Learn to imbibe and dwell in all forms of positivity without compromise. The edge that has been set wide apart between successful people and non-achievers is basically an optimistic mindset and you have to learn to replicate such in your own life as well. 


“Be positive. Your mind is more powerful than you think. What is down in the well comes up in the bucket. Fill yourself with positive things.” – Tony Dungy


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2. Always Stay Open to New Ideas

It is definitely the outstanding ideas you possess inside of you that would make you stand out from the crowd.  Successful people are always in search of new Ideas and are never dependent or continuously basking on their past glory or achievements rather they crave fresh innovations to add to their archive.


Open-mindedness is a forever yielding factor in every developmental strategy and that’s what makes the difference. Successful people spend most of their time reading books, foraging the internet looking for the next big thing.


If I may ask, do you do the same? or do you spend all your time on social media or hanging out with the wrong people who are never adding a dime to your growth. Learn to make adequate and judicious use of your time, note that every time lost can never be redeemed.  In other to develop in this prospect,  make sure you obtain a new positive and reflective idea for each day you come across.


“It’s okay to disagree with the thoughts or opinions expressed by other people. That doesn’t give you the right to deny any sense they might make. Nor does it give you a right to accuse someone of poorly expressing their beliefs just because you don’t like what they are saying. Learn to recognize good writing when you read it, even if it means overcoming your pride and opening your mind beyond what is comfortable.”
― Ashly Lorenzana


3. Surround Yourself With Like Minds

Practical Self Development Stages For Achieving More Growth

I perceive you must have heard the popular saying that “birds of the same feathers flock together“, You can never play with paints and evade being stained. Such is a life principle we need to observe when making friends and blending with people.


The quality of friends you keep has everything to say about your personality, that’s why you seldom see rich folks sit and discuss with underprivileged people, rather they hang out and discuss issues with people of their status and like mind.


It is evident that when successful people come together, they talk about how to achieve more success and expand their worth, but the impoverished are just bound on discussing where to source money for the next meal. I ain’t being offensive, but that is just life and its philosophy. 


So, if you must make friends, make friends that contribute to your growth, share elevating ideas with you, friends that are willing and supportive with much intent to seeing you grow. You got to be very choosy about making friends, to avoid picking the wrong ones.


“A messy house is a must – it separates your true friends from other friends. Real friends are there to visit you not your house!”
― Jennifer Wilson


3. You Should Never be Afraid to Invest

My friend would always tell me “Ken, if you can’t invest your lunch money, you would never have the heart to invest a huge capital”.  As time progressed, I began to pick some sense in that, and I want you to tow the same path.


You should never be afraid to make investments, but before making any investment, be very insightful and investigative about the ins and out of such a business to avoid incurring huge losses, you can check out this guide from Investopedia on what to do before kickstarting any investment idea.


You should note that every investment has its own incurable risk, but that shouldn’t deter you from spearheading your investment preferences. Apart from learning the right investment strategies, you should also devote your undiverted time to making any necessary improvements.


“I will tell you how to become rich. Close the doors. Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.”  Warren Buffett


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4. Save Money And be Financial Conscious

Practical Self Development Stages For Achieving More Growth

A familiar saying affirms that “If you always buy things you want, you would end up selling things you need“.  If you must be successful, you must learn and understand how to handle money the right way.


I always refer to money as a visitor, if you don’t build a suitable house for it (i.e Invest), it would definitely leave you. Money has wings and can fly away when mismanaged, successful people always portray a sense of frugality and wouldn’t spend extravagantly.


You need to be cautious of how you spend money, don’t go buying everything you see simply because you can afford it. Everyone knows the story of Mike Tyson the famous boxer who went from $400 Million to absolutely nothing due to irrational spending and extravagance.


It doesn’t matter how fat your bank account is, if you don’t save and have an investment plan, you are right on your way to plunging into insolvent and bankruptcy. If you find it hard to save money, you can check out the better money-saving tips that would help you to stop exhibiting a prodigal kind of lifestyle and begin to save for more growth. 


Imagine how much you could have saved if you didn’t spend a lot of your money on those unnecessary things with the intention of getting attention or feeling “important” in the eyes of others.
― Edmond Mbiaka


5. You Must Have a Vision

Practical Self Development Stages For Achieving More Growth

A boat or ship sailing in the middle of the sea with no captain is as good as going nowhere.  A man with no vision has no direction going. That’s just the undiluted truth about life.


For you to make progress in life’s journey, you must have a vision of the defined direction you are heading, it could be the vision for a dream job, the kind of skill you wish to acquire, or any other eminent idealogy that would immensely facilitate your growth and developmental momentum.


The defined vision you have compels you to make the necessary move towards a smart actualization of your dreams and long-term aspirations.  Most of us get this idea misconstrued, thinking that visions entail a form of spirituality and revelations.


But the funny thing is that everyone has a talent deposited inside of us, it is now up to you to discover them and put them to work. To figure it out, all you need to do is to ask yourself What’s that thing I’m fond of doing that naturally flows out of me have an in-depth pondering, take a jotter, put down an inventory of yourself, do it in a cool and quiet enclave when you are alone. I bet you would come to resolutions within yourself, remember that the gift of a man makes way for him and yours is no different, be a goal-getter and workout out your vision.


Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakesCarl Jung


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6. Adjust Where Necessary

The conceptual attribute of every animate being is the ability to change its environment and explore every other option within its reach and availability.


It is only a maniac that would do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. If A doesn’t work out, try out B, it could make sense, people with a success-oriented mindset are never afraid to make changes even if such a change could be risk inclined. 


Don’t get stuck up in your immediate environment and keep hoping things would get better when there is no light in sight. I know we grope in the perception of “there is always light at the end of the tunnel“, but it is obvious that most times this light never tend to show up, instead of waiting for your unattainable aspirations, get up and change grounds, progress to other places and weigh options, but never compromise your foremost vision.


 Everything you’ve ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear.George Addair


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7. Establish Connections With Elites

I have always believed that you would have to reach out to great people if you must be great.  Never assume you can do it all on your own. No, I don’t fancy or flow with the self-made ideology, and you shouldn’t if you genuinely want to make some positive impact in your life.


No one is ever self-made, there must be some help emanating from somewhere at some point in your journey. No man is ever an Island, the earlier you flow with this perception, the better it is for you.


You must be willing never to depend on your own convictions, rather reach out to elites with more experience in the areas you could be facing intense challenges. Be submissive to learning from others especially people who have immersed lots of knowledge. Build up connections with the right people who are bent on spearheading your growth strides.


NOTE: The closer you get to successful people, the more success you have. This is admittedly one of the best practical self-development hacks you ought to ingest for more growth. let it be on your front-burner choice list all the time. 


Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is progress, Working together is successHenry Ford


8. Identify Your Weaknesses And Work on Them

No one would ever boast of perfection, we are humans and we are meant to flop and suck at some things, it is just normal and inevitable.


When you can pinpoint your weaknesses, you should act on them decisively without any form of prejudice whatsoever. Work yourself to greatness by fixing the odd attributes that hold you back.


Weaknesses may come in form of addictions, odd behaviors, etc. When you must have sorted them out, go straight ahead in dealing with them. 


Addictions can be one of the greatest restraint to any self-developmental strides, this is an evidence-based discovery, people with several addictions finds it difficult to make headway as these addictions posses adverse effects to their health and state of the mind. 


Quitting addictions are obviously among the hardest things to achieve self-reliantly, ridding addiction on your own is rarely attainable.


For you to wholesomely muzzle your way out of such a life-threatening dilemma, you would definitely need a guide on steps to take, and how you can overcome any negative addiction that has engulfed your life. Check out Sobriety Success, a top recovery guide on surmounting addictions. This guide has helped lots of people snap out of addiction and I believe it would help you as well.


Problem-solving leaders have one thing in common: a faith that there’s always a better way.” – Gerald M. Weinberg


Recommended Self-Development Guide

We crave exponential personal development strides to enhance our reach and balance our lives with success and achievements.


If indeed we were meant to have it all, there would be no need to self-develop for any reason. Since life doesn’t work that way, we are outrightly meant to outsource solutions to our predicament of imperfection. 


Attaining this set of goals can be some-worth difficult and this brought about guides and follow-ups on how to achieve your aims of self-development. We want to live a life of success and abundance, but realizing this dream seems to be hard and far out of reach.


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With this awesome guide, I am about to reveal to you, you will be able to reposition your life for abundance and all-round success once more.


1. Check out the Wealth Compass, this product is designed to help you come to fruition and not the other way round. This product is for you if you wish to re-write your story, reinvigorate your mindset, and actualize your dreams. There are numerous testimonies about how the Wealth compass program has helped countless people learn to achieve a life of sufficiency and fulfillment. See what people are saying…

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2. The second on our list has been mentioned earlier in the article, It is the Manifestation Miracle program. I believe I do not need to emphasize much since a trial is meant to convince you. How would you figure it out when you haven’t given it a try?  This program positions you on the right path for more life wins and greater success. See the outstanding testimonies of people who manifested their true potential through the use of this awesome program.

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Live and breathe on these tips and see life dish you the best it could ever offer. Remember on the way to success never forget those who contributed to your transformation and growth, you owe them your appreciation and help. If we do this always, the world would be very inhabitable for us all.


“You are not here merely to make a living. You are here to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand.”Woodrow Wilson.



If you truly want to sprout up a change, you should implement all the above-mentioned tips in your daily life. Self-development takes time, don’t be over expectant from the unset.


Building oneself for success needs regular practice and implementation of positive qualities which I was able to give you the tip of the iceberg in this content. So follow it up and see the long-anticipated change you seek for eventually come to play.



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